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Just... AHHHH, shoot me now. I did update the Digest for the first time in six hundred years weeks. And you know, it's not a bonafide Digest update if Page Builder doesn't freeze, crash, and lose half my work. And this is a bonafide Digest update.


So then, I go try to follow up on my brilliant idea to bring a do-it-yourself Digest feed, if you will, to the LiveJournal community. It's still a brilliant idea.. it just seems a lot less brilliant after spending an hour and a half pecking away at one small syntax problem with the HTML. ("NO! NO! THE QUOTATION MARK FACES IN! WHY ARE YOU CHANGING IT? DON'T CHANGE IT! WHY ARE YOU CHANGING IT???") But I wasn't about to unleash the LJ cuts from hell on an unsuspecting populace, so I banged away until it was right.

Now, the quote text of each LJ cut is magically in a different font. I have no idea why. I wasn't working with anything except Arial. And quite frankly, at this point, I don't care.

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

The bottom line is, if you'd like to have the daily movie news update on your friends page, go friend dailydigest. Each section (Top Stories, New Images, Trailers, Reviews, etc.) is behind its own LJ cut so you can skip to one if you want. The premise of the Daily Digest, if you are not familiar with it from reading this journal, is that I go round and visit a million jillion movie news websites and compile links to the day's news, and put little fansite/affiliate tags next to the appropriate news items. In fact, if you really liked Dark Horizons' old layout, this is the site for you, because that was what I used as my model when I started the Digest up in 2001.

Anyway, that's that. Of course, I managed to embarrass myself in a JournalFen comment thread not five minutes ago because I was a month behind on my movie news. Sigh.

Rest of day: Was cold. Drank cocoa and read Wars of the Roses. Fell asleep reading Wars of the Roses, because the damn thing reads like Tolkien. ("The whooooo? In the whaaaaat?") I swear, only in nonfiction are people allowed to change their names every five minutes. Every ten pages or so Somersetshireham would upgrade to Suffolkburgville and everyone else would shift up one rank accordingly. And then they'd defect to the opposite side until the whole thing was like one big fucking game of Red Rover. I swear that everyone who was for Lancaster ended up switching and rooting for York, and vice versa, by the end of the war. Hell, by the end of the war, the original York was dead and the Lancastrians were in York and the Yorkists were in London and I have no bloody idea what the fuck is going on. Except that the Avon Cosmetics Company now stands on one of the battlefields. Heh.
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