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I now know which fashion designer and Eddie Izzard line I am.

Soooo cooooold. My mother keeps making rumblings of hope about my class being canceled tonight. For sleet. Dude, I know this is Alabama, but even we don't cancel shit for sleet.

Trying to get back into the swing of things. I have these awful highs and lows--I mean, not "Girl, Interrupted" awful or anything, but when I'm on a high, I blog and I update and I post and I do all sorts of things, and people come to expect me to, y'know, keep doing that. And then I get sick, or I get tired, or busy, or it gets cold and I go into my annual hibernation-depression mode, and people are like, "Where the hell did you go?" And I lose all my readers and have to go hunt them down again, and really, they deserve better than that. All twelve of them.

I have finally come to realize, though, that it is the cold weather right now, because I do this every January: I'm perfectly happy, spirits high, but physically I feel exactly the same as if I were depressed. Draggy and logy and slothful and unmotivated. And I finally realized: Gee, if this happens from late December to early February every year--the precise months it actually gets cold in Alabama--and you're not unhappy, do you think it could be the weather?

I know this happens to tons of people. Something about there being less daylight and hibernation mode and... stuff. I just don't know what to do about it, other than put on another sweater.
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