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Cleolinda: I'm off my A game right when I need it most!
Cleolinda: *cries*

Vladimir: but kitty!
Vladimir: it's fine! isn't the best thing you ever wrote, but it's just good oldfashioned snark. Move along, and maybe you'll think of something better when you revisit it

Cleolinda: sigh
Cleolinda: definitely in need of chocolate
Cleolinda: and possibly waffles
Cleolinda: maybe chocolate waffles

(I randomize after each run-through, so the order doesn't matter.)

"Til the Day I Die"
"Cherry Lips"
"My Lover's Box"
"Girl Don't Come"
"I'm Only Happy When It Rains"
"Hammering in My Head"
"Wicked Ways"
"Temptation Waits"
"You Look So Fine"
"Sleep Together"
"Fix Me Now"
"The World Is Not Enough"
"A Stroke of Luck"
"Push It"
"Shut Your Mouth"
"Stupid Girl"
"Run Baby Run"
"Metal Heart"

ETA: Yay! Belgian waffles for dinner! I made an emotional plea to my family ("WAFFLES, BITCHES"), and they agreed to make breakfast for dinner ("Please don't hurt us"). I may be able to terrorize coax some chocolate out of them later.

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