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Went out for breakfast--Chappy's--and had a waffle. Mmmmwaffles. Also some sausage; I don't trust restaurant bacon, because it's never as crispy as I want it. And then I came home and went back to bed; and then I got up and worked; and then I had a headache and said, "I will write a journal entry now."

Random thoughts:

Do you ever reread something you wrote and find a really bizarre typo?

Walt sees Locke and Boone hiking back to camp and ducks away, yelling that he's gonna go get some whater.

I wonder if they keep that next to the haterade.

Whee! My Kate + Charlie 4Ever button (as seen in a slightly different format on E!, no less) arrived! Thank you, kira002!

MY HED IZ PASTEDE ON DAY! (Huh? Also, the short[er] version.)

Another great example of fandom crazy.

Help renne out with her Fandom Cliché Poll.

Help jedilora out with her poll on media and celebrity.

Some of y'all asked me to post things and I have completely flaked and lost those links. If posting it would still do any good, let me know in the comments here, and I'll try to make up for that. (It seems that Veronica Mars got safely renewed and doesn't need our help or anything, for example.)

In that vein, if you ever ask me to do something, and I say I'll do it, and then I don't, please come back and remind me ("Hey, how's that thing coming?"), because... well, I don't want to make it sound like I'm a complete space cadet, but I have a lot on my mind. Let's put it that way. And this is not something that's going to change--it's not necessarily a stress thing; it's just how I am. I've usually got current schoolwork, future evil term paper and/or exam, current writing project, five other projects that want to be worked on, various personal relationship issues, something I've inevitably forgotten to do and am now in trouble for, and one or more Stupid Crack Songs roaring through my head at any given time. I'm not saying the rest of y'all don't have the same stuff going on, but... I don't think I compartmentalize well. It's all going on, simultaneously, all the time. You know how you're turning the dial on the radio and you sort of get two stations playing over each other at once? And then someone next to you in the car is talking, and there's another conversation going on in the back seat as well? That's kind of what my head is like. I just need y'all's patience and a little help sometimes, is all I'm saying.

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