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Pimp requests:

From kira002: "If you're still taking requests for posting things, would you give a mention to the Crusade for Charity? We're running a raffle with some pretty great prizes (signed Kingdom of Heaven poster; two of the bags that FOX gave out at the junket, and lots more); proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, earmarked for their relief efforts in the Sudan."

From sapphires13: "I wonder if you've heard, ABC is showing Chamber of Secrets on May 7th, sprinkled in with the commercials will be sneak peeks at Goblet of Fire."

Help slacker1985 with character names for her book.

Other links:

Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday does Sin City. Absolute best picture, will destroy your universe: J.K. Rowling's "Muggle City."

Brandon Routh IS Clark Kent. Y'all, this is just freaky.

The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to do in the Army
7. Not allowed to add “In accordance with the prophesy” to the end of answers I give to a question an officer asks me.
10. Not allowed to purchase anyone's soul on government time.
66. There is no “Anti-Mime” campaign in Bosnia.
73. No military functions are to be performed “Skyclad”.
116. Crucifying mice - bad idea.
155. Teaching Albanian children to taunt other soldiers is not nice.
164. There is no such thing as a were-virgin.
167. Not allowed to operate a business out of the barracks.
168. Especially not a pornographic movie studio.
169. Not even if they *are* “especially patriotic films”
179. On Army documents, my race is not “Other”.
180. Nor is it “Secretariat, in the third”.
200. My chain of command is not interested in why I “just happen” to have a kilt, an inflatable sheep, and a box of rubber bands in the back of my car.

Spinning wheels on Independence Day. Dammit. And I still have to watch The King and I for class tomorrow, too. Gladiator, however, is officially turned in and off my hands as of this past Friday.

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