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Independence Day coming along really well. Just... really, really slow. I hate this--I'm having great ideas, but I was supposed to be finished with the whole book as of last Friday. Craaaaaap.

Anyway. I know y'all are probably going to hit me, but I can't tell you the extent of my relief upon finding out that last night's Lost was a repeat ("Outlaws"). This is not to say that I don't love the show, or that I don't love recapping it. My problem is just that--the show takes one hour and then the recap takes another three, and those three hours involve some hard, fast writing. It takes a lot out of you. I don't have anything left to be taken out of me right now, what with being over this deadline and all. I hear next week is the big clip show, which... I'm not sure how that's going to work. Like, are they all going to get together and try to remind Claire of all the stuff she never knew anyway, because it's other people's flashbacks forgot, or is it going to be, like, a show actually hosted by the actors? Because I'm thinking it's going to be way cheesy either way.

Pimp Request Amnesty Week continues:

From freethegayboys: Subject: PIMP ME!!! *dances... erotically to get your attention*

I don't know if you're still taking PIMP requests, but this one (For me) is kind of important... I'm planning to write an essay on the nature of fandom, and I want as many different sides of fandom, and all types of fandom-people to respond. I really do need a HELL of a lot of information for it to work. If people want to comment here... I'd really appreciate it... a lot. *grin* "

Also,lorien__ is looking for a couple of songs, if you could help us out: "The songs are 'Nightmare by the Sea' and 'Witches' Rave' by Jeff Buckley and it's from the album that was released after his death, My Sweetheart the Drunk."

Speaking of music, something for y'all while I'm down here in the comedy mines:

The Killers: "Somebody Told Me (original)"

The Killers: "Somebody Told Me (King Unique Vocal Remix)"
Not to be confused with the "King Unique Frogger Dub," by the way. I really love it--I actually think the song works better with a layer of techno over it. Very nicely blended--not one of those remixes that just repeats half a line over and over again against a techno beat and an intermittent WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP. I mean, Strong Bad can get away with it, but it gets tired after a while.

The Killers: "Somebody Told Me (Mylo Remix)"
Starts off with two and a half minutes of nothing but remixed guitars, and is awesome.

And guess what? No download limits! SWEET.


Wow... they don't sell Surge anymore? Wait... it has less sugar and caffeine than Mountain Dew? The hell? Surge used to make my frickin' heart race, y'all! I remember they'd bring the Surge truck around to the school parking lot and I'd be all like, "Nah, you guys, that shit's gonna kill me. I got to stick to doing the Dew, y'all." In fact--you know how J.K. Rowling's website has her little interactive desk covered with gum wrappers? Yeah. If that were my site, it'd be covered with Mountain Dew bottles rolling around and falling off the shelf onto my head.

Just for that, I'm putting a Surge joke into Independence Day.

ETA, because I can't believe I forgot to say it: Thanks so much for all the good thoughts for Mom. All of them meant so much to me.

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