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Random bits before I go scrape up a late dinner


I tried to take a nap, but I was so wired from the chocolate that it was impossible. Damn.

Sister Girl did bring home doughnuts--she said the pastry kids were disappointed with them, because they were expecting them to turn out like Krispy Kremes (and I ask you, really: if Krispy Kremes were that easy to make, would any of us ever leave the house? I think not), and they turned out heavier and plainer. I mean, they're good, and have a bit of cinnamon about them, and aren't too sweet. I actually like them, but I can see how you'd be disappointed if you were expecting The Doughnuts from Heaven.

Pimp Request Amnesty Week continues:

From mentalrant: "A new Lord of the Rings community on the block, it's been great so far but we need more people! lotr_happy--because everyone knows LOTR = happiness."

From Michael: "Here's the link I'd like pimped: it's for a free biography of the late Pope. It requires an email address and a physical address (to ship the book to). Thanks!"

I feel like I've forgotten someone's request--let me know if you left me one and I forgot to post it.

Misc. links:

Chinese Men Measure Up to Others Below the Belt: I'll tell you the reason this article is so popular on Yahoo News--it's not because anyone cares about Chinese men in particular. It's because, in order to determine whether Chinese men compare favorably, you've got to have figures on everyone else. That's why I read the article, for sure. And... I am not terribly impressed with the numbers they came up with, let me tell you what.

Thanks, allthelivesofme!

A LOST Survey
Why did you start watching the show?Honestly? Dominic Monaghan. I was intrigued that he'd actually landed a major US TV show. That, and I always regretted not getting in on the ground floor with Alias, and now I feel like it's impossible to jump into that one.
What made you decide to keep watching the show?The polar bear. I'm serious. That's fucked up.
Who is your favorite character and why?Right now, Kate. I can't help it, you guys! I'd like to be her! And she has that great hair and all those tank tops. And she's so Teen Girl Squad: "I am in love with eeeeeevery boooooy!"
Who is your least favorite character and why?Shannon. Wah wah tanorexia convenient asthma not even real incest blah.
What is your favorite pairing and why?Charlie and Claire are adorable, although Kate also had/has excellent chemistry with both Sayid and Sawyer.
What is your least favorite pairing and, yes, why?I would say the Mopey Love of Jack and Kate, but... really, Sayid and Shannon. Because she does nothing for me.
What has been your favorite episode thusfar?I liked both "Walkabout" and "Outlaws" a good bit. Oh, and "Numbers," that was also really good.
Your least favorite?The one about Charlie and his drugs. No, the other one.
Which character/pairing do you think should be focused on or developed more?I think Hurley is really underutilized as anything other than comic relief. Oh, and he needs a girl. And yes, A CUTE ONE.
What is your favorite crazy island mystery?THE NUMBERS OMGWTF.
Who do you think has the most interesting backstory?I like how Sawyer's keeps folding back on itself--every time we find out something shocking, something even worse is revealed.
Whose backstory is the least interesting?Jack's. YES, HE IS A DOCTOR AND HE IS EMO, I GET IT.
Which plot twist completely blindsided you?I actually suspected Locke's paralysis, because of the wheelchair on the island and his "miracle." Sawyer actually having written the "Dear Sawyer" letter himself blew me away for some reason.
Which plot twist could you totally see coming?The pseudo-incest. Like, from the first episode.
Who did you think was going to die before it became obvious?Well, Boone. His storyline was going nowhere, and was the one character the writers could afford to axe.
Who do you prefer - Jack or Sawyer?I can't believe I'm saying this, but--the Jackhole has grown on me (sing it if you know the words) LIKE A FUNGUS.
Sayid/Nadia or Sayid/Shannon?Well, I kinda have to go with Nadia by default here, what with the Shannon dislike and all.
Did you once think Sayid or Charlie had a chance with Kate?I did, actually--well, I thought Charlie had a lot of chemistry with her in the first or second episode, but I don't know that he had a "chance." Sayid and Kate, though, set off huge sparks.
Do you think Locke is good, evil, or something else?I feel like the show wants him to be evil, like in Claire's dream, but the way Terry O'Quinn plays him, I can't help but think that he's just cuddly and wonderful. If kind of crazy.
Which characters, if any, did you like at first and now dislike?I liked Jack. And then he went all emo on me.
Which characters (again if any) did you at first and now don't mind?Again: the Jackhole. Also, Snicker Bitch is slowly earning a real first name. And Jin's getting better.
What character cannot you off no matter how much of an ass they are in any particular episode?Charlie, and this is including his assitude in "Numbers." Also: is there a word missing from this question?
Are you disappointed about David Fury having left the show?Yeah, I am. (For those of you going "Huh?," he wrote "Walkabout" but has now moved on to 24 and I think another show.)
Is there anything that would make you STOP watching?Look, I was a die-hard X-Phile for about seven years. It took Duchovny leaving to shake me off. And since I do recaps for this one... they would have to mess the show up really, really bad.
What action do you think would be a dire mistake for the writers to make?Reveal Lostzilla, unless they have something REALLY, REALLY GOOD, and I don't know that that's even possible.
Do you think they have everything perfectly worked out, or are they winging it?Please. They said they knew where they were going, and I think they have some general ideas, but I think they're totally writing out of their asses half the time. Bless.
Do you think LOST deserves an obligatory fluff-episode, or is it above all that?I don't know about "fluff," but I would love an upside-down parody episode like the ones the X-Files were so good with, like "Jose Chung" or "Bad Blood."
Are you quite happy to see the music montages die with Hurley's batteries?HELL YES.
And finally, where the hell are they?!Damn if I know, but if it's purgatory, someone's getting their ass beat.

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