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Yay calcium deposits! Mom's home and--well, she's bustling around the house talking on the phone. My stepfather basically had to come home and shoot her with an Oxycontin dart just to get her to lie down. So now they're watching season three of 24. Again.

Pimp Week continues through tonight. Get all y'all's requests in, because I won't be doing another Pimp Week until the end of May.

robot_sarah: Okay, I totally got one for your pimp-tastic pimp week. My community, tds_quotes is, well... for fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and a fan of the quotes from the show. And everyone who watches the show knows that every episode is quotable... so here is a place to post them and read them and HOORAY!"

house_monkey: "If you don't mind pimping something that actually costs money and because many of your readers appear to be pretty astute film lovers, if you could give the magazine I'm doing some work for a little push that would be great. It's called Illusions and is a New Zealand produced publication about NZ film (duh). I've been doing some work updating the subscription database (actually, putting one together from scratch based on the editor's handwritten notes) and part of my job is to find new subscribers as well, if possible. Illusions is a professionally produced magazine with 2-3 issues per year. Individuals and institutions everywhere are welcome to subscribe."

cjk1701: "Whee, pimping!Cleo to the rescue. If you haven't pimped fabu's rec poll, could you please consider doing so? ;) "

honerbright: "Would you mind pimping losticontest?"

alexthedevil: "Would you mind pimping lost_eps? I know you've got a huge Lost fan base, and we could always do with more members. 1500 and counting!"

squee1123: "As for the pimp hadn't occured to me until now that this is what the community I'm part of needs. hpchallenges is a harry potter challenge fic...or not fic...thing...i'm not the mod there...but the mod would like pimp-age...and so i ask..."

goldie_black: Would you mind pimping adulthpfanatics? I am planning to have "Potter Feud" games at HBP and GOF release parties. Right now, I'm conducting the 'survey' part, but I need more Potter fans to survey. You know!"

auraesque: Jinni, the senior editor of Soap at, is looking for writers for next season. Since many of your readers are writers themselves, I thought they might be interested in checking out the soap ( and sending in an application ( The deadline for applications is May 12."

chaosvizier: "The Live Journal Daily Quiz is always seeking new members. It's a community that's a game show that's a comedy gag reel, only with less Bob Barker and more pudding. The mods ask six trivia questions, revolving around a theme. The players answer. The mods drink heavily, then select the best answers from the bunch. In most cases "best" has little or nothing to do with "correct". Then the mods post the answers, like this one during St. Paddy's Week, everyone has a hearty chuckle, and the cycle begins anew the following week. Come on over; ljdq wants you!"

apocalypsos: "Feel like pimping plan_9_from_lj? It's like TWoP and your Lost summaries, but specifically for movies. We just started, but we're sure having a hell of a lot of fun with the whole thing. :) "

pjrampolla: "I don't really have anything except my journal. Which, actually, if you wouldn't mind pimping that, because I can always use more 'friends'."

wokeupinnacar: "Oo Oo!! Pimp my domain!"

50ftqueenie [during a discussion of my woeful attachment to stone-age technologies like Geocities' Page Builder: "I started with geocities and pagebuilder, but moved to something just as easy but a LOT more versitile that makes cleaner code. I now use mozilla suite. The mozilla browser has a composer with it that i've been using for a couple years now and didn't need to know any html to get started. all the pages on both and were made with it.

I just realized I splatted two birds with one stone since i was going to ask you to pimp those sites anyway. ;) Dead Planet is a zombie conspiracy page that includes fiction, art, a zombie newspaper, horoscopes, loads of other stuff.The Sh33p's Fluff is my main site and home to loads of Daria fanfic, and other odd ends."

ladyvyola: "Pimp my movie! My friends and I made a Star Wars fan film -- pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself -- that has just been released on the 'net. Revelations -- Yes, it's necessary that everyone know exactly how big a geek I am."

upc747: Could you possibly pimp my photography? ( )

joyous_trouble: Could you pimp this entry, I'm walking in the March of Dimes and I'd like to bring awareness. 's a good cause if anyone's feeling charitible and I'll love you forever!

newsong: "Please pimp my website! Just stuff I like, random lists, links and stuff."

glittergram: "if you could pimp my website? i try and not just blog my random thoughts but also things about makeup (yeah, im a nerd) and old school poetry. im also a jersey girl and try to get out and write about cool jersey stuff, too. cleolinda for president, y'all."

Flattery, my dears, will get you everywhere.

Misc. links:

POTO movie props up on eBay. The girls on Snarkfest are waiting for the cyberbrawls that will inevitably break out over the Phantom's cape. Seriously, I am expecting actual blood to be shed over this one. Me, I'm sort of tempted to bid on a quill when those go up--one of many, writerly item, probably one of the least expensive things, less likely to involve fannish bloodshed. You know, as a "POTO in Fifteen Minutes" memento. Too bad there's a large message board full of obsessive women with large pocketbooks who will bid TO THE DEATH. ("Seriously, you guys? Can I just buy a quill that thought about being in the movie? It doesn't actually have to have been touched by His Holy Butterflyness... no? Okay, I'll go back and sit in my corner.")

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