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By my watch, there's still three hours left in April 22, so get your last-minute pimp requests in.

andrealyn: "While I've got my flattering wand out: Would it be too much to ask for perchance bhc_meanwhiles to be pimped? It's a community for all things Broken Heart's Club (fic, pics, commentary, quotes, love), but as of late, it's just been me loving it."

house_monkey: "If you don't mind pimping something that actually costs money and because many of your readers appear to be pretty astute film lovers, if you could give the magazine I'm doing some work for a little push that would be great. It's called Illusions and is a New Zealand produced publication about NZ film (duh). I've been doing some work updating the subscription database (actually, putting one together from scratch based on the editor's handwritten notes) and part of my job is to find new subscribers as well, if possible. Illusions is a professionally produced magazine with 2-3 issues per year. Individuals and institutions everywhere are welcome to subscribe." (More details here.)

delle: "Cleo.... for your pimping, may I put forth my Sayid story?"

nardasarmy: "I have a couple of comms I'd love you to mention: fontshare (for sharing fonts), damonaffleck (Matt Damon/Ben Affleck fan community - mostly fic), and little_sibling (liberal swimming pool). Then over on Journalfen, I have a Project Greenlight community that could use some love. Then if you're feeling generous, and I haven't been too greedy yet, I'd love it if you would pimp my doodle blog, I Have No Pants. Thank you so much.

Also, I just wanted to link to a friend of mine. She's a quilter, it's the business she's just started up. But one of the quilts she does is for Spider-Man, and it's rather adorable. So I thought I'd pass on to those that might enjoy a look. A sample of Spin's work, and this is her website, Shalee Creations."

queeniexb: "Oooh Oooh! Please, please, please pimp deadmentalking! It's a community where you can ask dead famous people anything you want. There's ancient Greeks, European royalty, rock stars, actors, writers, artists.... And it's always fun to see Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr insult each other! But remember - tea will never be the same again."

halona: "We could really using some pimage over at ga_icons and ga_fanfic. The communities are for the new show Grey's Anatomy. So far, we've had great participation, but we can always use more. Come on over if you like doctors and flirty!Patrick Dempsey."

cpip: "Hrm. I don't have much to pimp these days... my rpg is filled up. Maybe you can pimp my LJ too? I waver between political rants, gaming blather, and incoherent rage involving Louisville Sluggers!"

spectralbovine: "Well, if you're being a totally pimptastic pimp this week, might as well get a couple more in under the wire, huh? Thanks! tvgirlfriends is a community dedicated to the notion that men are in fact allowed to SQUEE over the hot women on our television just as freely as all the ladies swooning over their TV boyfriends of choice. And in non-television news, I have a science blog, Protein Angst. Since I'm going to be a science writer, I'd love to have as many non-sciencey readers as possible. I try to be both entertaining and informative. My earlier series of posts about HIV and AIDS was inspired by a comment in your journal. And I totally stole the title of my last post from Lost. [...] I just remembered another comm I think you should pimp. If it's not too much trouble. I'll give you a hug! *hug* rat_slaves is the meta analysis community for Veronica Mars and other Rob Thomas works. Less "OMG LoVe!" and more 'Hm, how does The Brothers Karamazov fit into the context of the entire season?' "

the_wanlorn: " *jumps on the request for pimpage bandwagon* Could you, perchance, pimp two links for me? One is my deviantArt page (because everyone loves looking at baby animals and sunsets, right?) and the other is my website, Nireville, which has a bunch of fanfic and original stuff on it."

teleute12: "Could you let people know that I'm trying to get 1000 comments? I'm going to upload a couple songs/a music vid/whatever else I can find online for every fifty comments I get, so there's something in it for everyone. Also, I'm going to be posting two songs a day until the Supreme Court decides what they think about copyright violations/downloading/etc. Also too, I would much appreciate it if anyone feels like pimping some free (or cracked) cd-ripping software."

kali921: "I have a supergroovalisticpimptastic pimp for you: sages_of_chaos. We've had to take out Worker's Comp and liability insurance because people are threatening to sue us right and left from spraining various body parts while laughing. Constant hilarity meets cccasional schadenfreude meets altruism meets the mother of all multiverse advice columns. Everyone should come join; the place is open to everyone."

cocoajava: "Any chance of pimping two fairly new communities? Both started while I was apparently on crack?
_dangerpants_ (NC17 warning on this place!)
The community that is complete and utter pants. And damned proud of it. Men in pants. Men nearly *out* of their pants. That's what Danger Pants is all about. Got a piccie of a pretty who's nearly losing them? Share it with us! Check out the picture of our Official Poster Boy on the info page and you'll instantly get the concept.
_dangerblouse_ (and yet another NC17 warning!)
Need a place to keep abreast of the latest news to come out of fashionable society? Welcome to Danger Blouse! Wherever buttons are popping, we'll be there. When she's wearing a Small even though she's obviously a Large, we'll be there. When there's a tragic dryer shrinkage accident but the blouse MUST be worn regardless, we'll be there!!"

skyblade: "Last day? But my special ho ain't turning tricks until tomorrow! Oh well, I know Superdickery was already advertised by you, (and is pretty well known in its own right) but I just thought I'd let people know I've been writing an Ask Bizarro column, and people shouldn't be shy about sending questions in. (It is shyness, right?) Also, the site will see an original strip by your's truly starting this weekend."

chorusgirl: "Yayyyyyy for pimpweek! Pimp me and my superhot lj?"

adoresixtyfour: "And I'd neeeeever ask you to pimp again, since you've very kindly done so before and it was much appreciated then. Of course, I did just post an Amityville Horror review there...

wicked_goddess: "Can I request a pimpage as well? I moderate carnivalecontst, which is the only icon challenge for fans of the tv show Carnivale. We'd love to have more members; the more the merrier!"

eve_the_just: "If you're up for pimping charities outside the USofA, I work with an organization up in Canada that tries to find homes for abandoned beagles. Sometimes we even get puppies, but usually it's older dogs, often all housetrained and everything. They're really cute. We regularly ship doggies all over Canada in our efforts to find a home for every beagle. If anyone in your readership lives in Canada and is in the market for a new pet, please send them over to Beagle Paws."

rosetapestry: "In honor of Pimp Request Amnesty Week - there's an online petition for a release of the instrumental version of "Cells" by The Servant. Who knows if it will do any good, but what harm could it do?"

sweetdaddydavid: "Hey if these pimps are free: Please pimp and For all your indie/horror and erotic film review needs, respectively."

More in just a moment.

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