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Rollin', rollin', rollin'--keep those requests rollin', Pimphide!

starlady42: "Not so much a pimp request as a some-of-your-readers-might-find-this-interesting-maybe... I'm doing a six-week solo driving tour around the American West (and twelve national parks) this summer -- if anyone is interested in keeping up with me, they can add ontheway_lj to their friends list. Also, my friend Heather is a semi-professional photographer... folks can check out her amazing work at I'd support a cleolinda/LovelyEmily presidential ticket, just so you know. ;) "

kali_sama: "I'm the mod of hpchallenges and I would indeed love pimpage (huggles to squee1123 for pointing me here). The gist of the comm is that every fortnight, I post a challenge and members can do anything to answer said challenge-pic, fic, drabble, icon, whatever! It is, to my knowledge, the only community like it for the HP fandom and I would love more members and more participation. ^_^ "

catvalente: "Well, there's all my novels, should you like to pimp them. All three currently orderable are here (The Labyrinth, Yume no Hon: The Book of Dreams, and Oracles)."

october31st: "If you're still pimpin', I'd like to mention that my friend tymothytoastman has just posted the first episode of his "science fiction radio drama" online. He's been really excited about creating this and I'm sure a bunch of random listeners from out of the blue would rock his world. I'll be appearing as the character Kate around the 5th episode or so. If you like post-apocalyptic futures, you'll love this! Oh, and if you could pimp my journal (october31st, of course), that'd be great too, in a far more selfish way. I just like new friends. Thanks so much, oh generous one!"

ayn_rand_fan_13: "I would love you forever if you would pimp my community charlieispretty. It's just for people to post fanfiction, music videos, fanart, or just generally squee over Charlie from Lost."

foresthouse: "I just started a community for fans of the awesome Irish comedian, Dylan Moran. He's a stand-up comic who wrote and starred in Black Books and played David in Shaun of the Dead. We're having an icon-making contest that starts tomorrow, and we really want to get the word out to anyone who's a fan and wants to join in. Everyone is welcome at yourdailydylan!"

If you might, pimp my fanfiction (Harry Potter). Birds of a Feather: First Flight (I'll be starting the second book, Second Takeoff, soon). Found on Fictionalley here:, and on my site at It's basically a parallel of the books (some AU, but mostly due to cultural mistakes and canon shift) through the Ravenclaws in Harry's year.

t4_flirt: "Here are two simple lil requests for Pimp Week:
1.) my yahoo group - ThatStarThatShines, a promo group for NYC based singer Chris Trousdale
2.) For all you fic writers- The communtiy called The Boyband 100. We're trying to get the communtiy really active again, and could use some new drabble writers on board. Look under the user boybanddrabbles for the link. I'm not a mod, but the mods deserve some pimpage. THANKS! *MUAH* "

megmatthews20: "My plee for pimpage...I've written a series of rough, semi-vulgar, conceivably offensive dialogs, which I posted on my lj. If I can get one person to laugh I'll feel I've done my job. And if you could link to them, that would make my day. They're basically a bunch of stories that kinda, sorta, not really link together in the end. They are as follows (in order of creation):
1st Machete Man number 1
2nd Video watching dialog
3rd Zoo Escape
4th Machete Man 2
Thanks muchly."

allthelivesofme: "Could you put up a link to Andrea Gabriel's blog? For she is funny and cool and she deserves it. :-) (she's the actress who played Nadia on Lost)"

apples_juice: "Ever wanted to make comments on a rate me community, but couldn't cause you weren't 'approved'? Then join x_rejects_x and make all the comments you want! Note: This is not a "Rate Me Community", so don't worry about being approved or rejected! ^.^ "

kira002: You already pimped for me once (Crusade for Charity), so my amnesty may be all used up. But just in!"

soleta: "I co-mod fellytone_fic, in which we record HP fic to mp3, and lord do we need more readers. so. come, let us adore you?"

iczer6: "It'd be great if you could pimp the new Girl Genius comic. It's a truly awesome comic done by the talented Phil Foglio, it's used to be a paper type comic but something went wrong so they went online."

shaelbopp: "Say, could you pimp my music archive, or did I miss the ho-train?"

notthequiettype: "I and my roommate mod awesome_points, which is really as dorky as it sounds. It's a community in which we award points based on challenges and what-not and it results in PAID TIME for the winner. We need members and the people that read your journal are awesome enough to be awarded points just for breathing."

Again: flattery will get you everywhere.

Misc links:

outlier at Snarkfest has come up with a one-size-fits-all complaint form for indignant fans to file after any offending movie adaptation comes out:

Did the producers even bother to

  • read the book / comic / manga ?
  • watch the original?
  • consult the fans?
  • consult me?
  • kill a goat and read its entrails?

I remember when I first encountered title at school. I

  • laughed non-stop for days
  • collapsed and wept
  • immediately bought the rest of the series
  • went through puberty

I could have done better special effects on my Amiga 5000! And actor was completely wrong as character. They should have cast

  • Orlando Bloom
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Samuel L Jackson
  • Jessica Alba (she's TEH HAWT)
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Kofi Annan

Why, look! It's the Alien 3: Dog Alien Chestburster Plush Replica!

Fairy tales linked to violent relationships. The sad thing is, I can totally see it.

New movie stills at Movieweb: Superman; Mr. and Mrs. Smith; Kingdom of Heaven; and Star Wars.

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