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Another round from the To Pimp list, while the Spider-Man DVD is rolling over back to the beginning:

lady_tavington: "Oh, All Mighty Cleo, I have, for thy pimping, a story to push, hoping that thou willst do some magic for me... I just started a Star Wars/Lostr (LOST+LOTR pairings) fic, entitled Discord Among Us, and I was hoping you could do me some pimping... Chapter 1 be here, and Chapter 2 be here. While you're at it, could you also pimp my fic comm, literarydebris? Tnx muchleh."

divabat: "rphurtsmybrain (a spinoff of apocalypsos's ithurtsmybrain) needs writers and faithlikewhoa needs more people posting. Thankee :D "

theatre_angel: "I should hope that Sherie Rene Scott Online is eligible for pimping."

shempskaya: "Please pimp my community ghpp, The Guerilla Haiku Postcard Project. The gist of it is, write a haiku on a postcard, mail it anonymously to whoever you want, and post it. It's been dead in there for quite awhile, maybe some new blood will freshen it up."

chorusgirl: ":Pimp take two: My Harry Potter fanfic. R&R maybe?"

tundraeternal: "Could you give a shout out on behalf of who_new_who, a comm for people who've fallen in love with the new Doctor Who series? We want lots of people to come join so we can all be psycho fanatics together. Thanks!"

mackzazzle: "So, my pimp request? negability. Literary history RPG. Yeah, you heard that right. It's just starting, and we're really hurtin' for characters. Any English author born before 1900 is fair came. Come on. It's only the awesomest thing ever. ;)"

akakat: "Lovely Cleo, tf I'm not past deadline could you pimp my Vid site? Music videos for HP, LOTR, POTC, and others."

Misc. links:

Since sadlikeknives reminded me, Capewatch: "Approximately US $4,349.63." (Emmy Rossum's Christine wedding dress? Approximately US $482.44. Oh, burrrrrrrn.) And yeah, the quills are already out of my reach. Woe for writerly mementoes. However, you can still get a whole frickin' bee costume (I know, man. Bee costume?) for like $15.

(I still want to know who ran off with the candelarmbra.)
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