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Horoscope: Your friends adore you, and today they'll show you just how much. In the mail? I get Tim Tams and a "Never Surrender" bracelet. Aww, thank you, guys!

Let's dole out a few more pimps. Reminder: I am currently just working on the backlog. No new requests will be taken until next month.

ginmar: ""Can you pimp my domestic violence project? If you're being abused or have been abused, what would have or what would help you? What do you want? What would like people to say or ask? [Go] right here. There's an entry before and after, too about the same subject---the latter one is asking male victims and men in general for their perspective, because what I'm finding is that men's rights groups are absolutely not helping these guys at all. At the very least, they get to talk and vent and smash some stereotypes."

hadgm: "If it's not too much trouble, could you pimp Daisy's web site? She's been traveling for almost five years now. Thanks!"

skulkings: "ohboyd is a new Billy Boyd comm. We're just starting and the rules are not quite finished yet. But it's intended to be a well modded, Billy content-rich alternative to the current comms."

boomingvoice: "Heard the latest backstreet song? Feeling a resurgance of love/hate/interest? Join backstreetboys and keep up with the happenings. Also, like seeing naked famous people's naughty bits? celebritease is where it's at. And while I'm here, let me sheepishly do ask the following. Please join? You don't even need to do anything, I just want the points. :)"

anne_jumps: "Why not: Please pimp jumpfolks, for fans of the band Jump (also known as Jump, Little Children)."

Misc. links:

What the flaming fuck? Harry Potter fanpoodles: Once again proving that it's never too early to start hating any girl who shares the screen with Daniel Radcliffe.

Speaking of which, Sister Girl and I started looking at the cast list for Goblet of Fire and noticed... look at who's playing the band members of the Weird Sisters: two members of Radiohead and the lead singer of Pulp.

Oh, and some more weirdness, also courtesy of Sister Girl: Some guy is claiming to channel Jonathan Brandis. Because what Jonathan Brandis wants from beyond the grave are for his last thoughts on earth to be posted... on the IMDB.

Also: Eeeee hee! They're casting a new voice for Aslan!:
The big news of the Biola Media Conference is that Brian Cox is no longer doing the voice of Aslan! Apparently he has lost some weight and his voice has changed.

Reportedly, Jason Isaacs, Timothy Dalton, Sean Bean, Gerard Butler, Ian McKellen, and Ralph Fiennes have all auditioned for the part. No choice has yet been made. Stay tuned as we’re covering this breaking story!
These are all problematic choices, as 1) McKellen IS Gandalf, and was Gandalf for three whole movies, and forever shall be Gandalf; 2) it's going to confuse the children horribly to go see Ralph Fiennes play Voldemort in November and then hear him play Aslan in December; and 3) as for the other guys--well, Aslan should not be sexy, I'll put it that way. (Complete non sequitur: I do have hopes that Timothy Dalton will get to reprise his role from the His Dark Materials stage play in the movie adaptation.)

Actually, now that I think about it, my primary criteria for an Aslan voice are deep, booming, and beneficent. It suddenly occurred to me that Alan Rickman would make a very, very good Aslan, and it would come out different enough from his Snape voice that I don't think it would be that big of a conflict.

Capewatch: The cape is holding strong at "Too much damn money," but the white mask just hit the block and jumped from "Damn, that's a chunk of change" to "Oh my God, you people are insane" while I was watching. Literally, the price doubled on a single refresh. Also: Sort the items on that link by "highest price first" and watch the hilarity. The first non-Butler item is the wedding dress, down at number ten, below items he may or may not have even touched. The crazy is strong on this one.
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