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I... well, let me preface this by saying that you need to read this entry, you need to hear it in your inner reader voice, in a very calm tone. As much as I like to rant and rave, it's usually to blow off steam or joke around. When I'm actually angry or upset, I tend to get very, very calm. As I once told someone, when I'm mad at you, you'll know it--but not because I'm yelling at you.

Wow, that's a dire buildup to a very ho-hum entry, isn't it? I'm just really stressed out, is all. We got an extension on the paper, but the difference is only from this Friday to next Monday. Which would be great, if I weren't also working on the book. And the book is seriously stressing me out. I don't have time to be burned out, y'all. I don't have time to be stressed.

The good news on the paper is that we workshopped my thesis/outline briefly today, and people thought it was a pretty interesting premise. I'm unusually ahead on this paper--I really am one of those people, as if you couldn't tell by now, who guns it out six hours before deadline, and by God, if I don't get A's doing it. But because this time I'm doing the paper on 1) the one book I really, really got into this semester and 2) a movie I watched approximately forty-seven times, I have a much better, more immediate idea of what I want to say and where I want to take it. Hell, let me just show you the thesis statement: Cut for antebellum S&M ramblingCollapse )

So... I'll be over here writing that paper in the back of my mind while I whistle a happy tune in the comedy mines. No, seriously, I'm going to be okay. I'm just stressed out. A lot.

ETA: You know what I just remembered? We have cake downstairs. Mmmcake.

ETA2: Heh. I think just rambling about The Wide, Wide World made me feel better.

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