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Plea for Digest help

So. The Digest has been updated three days running. I have a class tomorrow night, but I'm going to get the bulk of the writing done before I leave. However, like the Best Supporting Actress said, I can't do it alone [insert images of Cleo flailing around on stage here]. Well, I can, but we want to minimize the suckage, right?

Movie reviews: I need movie reviews. You can send in one, or many, or you can get into the habit of sending something every week. Most of y'all review the movies you see in your LJs, whether you realize that's what you're doing or not. I don't need anything rhetorically fancy--Did you like it? What was good? What was bad? There you go.

Affiliates: Half my affiliates went under without telling me. Grrrr. Affiliates aren't just link swaps on the Digest--I actually put links by each pertinent news story. (See the news page; go to bottom to see a list of all affiliates.), for example, tells me that they get surges in traffic from the Digest when there's news about her movies. What I need from y'all are recommendations, places you like to visit--I'll go talk to them; I just can't find an Angelina Jolie site with anything more than pictures and porn ads. That, or I write sites and they never reply. What I really want is a site that updates its news frequently. Here's who/what I'm particularly looking for right now:

Alan Cumming (wow, he’s in a lot of movies)
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Charlize Theron
Claire Danes
Clive Owen
Colin Farrell
David Thewlis
David Wenham (site never replied to query)
Ewan McGregor
Halle Berry
Jake Gyllenhaal
Joaquin Phoenix
Jude Law
Julia Stiles
Keanu Reeves
Kirsten Dunst (affiliate hasn’t updated in a year)
Lemony Snicket (affiliate hasn’t updated in months)
Matt Damon
Naomi Watts
Parker Posey
Sarah Polley
Queen Latifah
Rachel Weisz
Reese Witherspoon (URL is for sale—I take it they’re down)
Star Wars
Thandie Newton
Uma Thurman (site never replied to query)
Viggo Mortensen (affiliate went under)

If you have suggestions for someone/something not listed, hit me with a comment. (In case you're wondering, the list above is based on folks who have either lots of projects or projects coming out soon.) I'm also okay with multiple sites for one person, although the linking logistics would get a little scary. If you run a fansite, let me know!
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