Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones


Have felt... like hell today. Ached all over--arms and legs--as if I'd just had a particularly bad high school gym class. Head hurt, was dizzy, wanted to vomit, etc. Lay down this afternoon for three hours but didn't feel much better afterwards. I was sick last night, too--had to sit through an entire class, even though it was the first day of said class, in a roasting-hot room while feeling nauseated the whole time. Yay. Got home and just went to bed. I did update the Digest tonight, though.

Today I had to go get my coursepack for seminar, and--the copy shop had vanished. It's a little shop tucked on the back end of nowhere that this guy runs, and I've been there at least two or three times before, and today--it just wasn't there. So strange.

The "OMG UNFRIEND ME!" controversy that's gripped LJers recently cracks me up. I don't know--I guess I'm approaching this from the perspective of someone who wants to earn a living as a writer. You know, someone who wants to be read. I mean, good Lord--friend me now, friend me hard. If I have something I don't want people to read, I lock or friends-lock it. The rest of the time, I'm pretty much an attention whore. Well, maybe not a whore--maybe a high-priced attention call girl. Or something.
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