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Still depressed. It's weird, because I'm perfectly sociable around people; I just don't have the will to live. And I should specify here that by "live" I don't mean "not die"; I mean "actually get out of bed, pick a DVD to watch, work, or decide on something to eat." It's just a severe, hapless blahness, you know? So I'm fine. Just depressed. It'll pass.

Although Mom isn't helping--her obsessing with cleaning my personal living space has finally hit a fever pitch, and now that the book is done, she will brook no refusal. And if I don't roll out of bed and do it, she's going to bring out the slavedriver whip, so I'm trudging around my room all a-zombie pretending to move things around so that she'll think I'm doing something. "Motherrrrrr, you are interrupting my depression. How am I supposed to mope if you keep giving me things to do? GAH."

So. That's me right now. Although I am also going back, bit by bit, and adding tags to the entries so that you can find things more easily. I've already gone through and tagged the m15m entries (and switched to a new layout so I could do so), as well as updated the comm with a brief announcement (that won't be news to any of y'all). Enjoy.

P.S. BPAL buyers beware of this seller--apparently even Beth the Lab Goddess is saying that WC never bought directly from the lab, so if you're buying from WC, you're probably buying thirdhand and, based on other evidence, diluted/compromised oil blends.

ETA: Wow, I just found a $20 bill. That's kind of awesome.

ETA2: Damn, I just found another one. No wonder I thought I was broke.

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