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Horoscope of Eerie Accuracy:

Quickie: It's time to expand your horizons. Leave the past behind -- explore new directions.

Overview: Don't be surprised if the day gets off to a slow start -- it might not ever really achieve any kind of significant velocity later, either. Push any deadlines back and spend your time staring out the window.

Hmmm. I should write up Look at Me (not to mention War of the Worlds), but suffice it to say that it was a quiet little snarky French movie and a lot more lighthearted than I expected. We also saw trailers for two new documentaries, and while Murderball (about wheelchair rugby) looked great, we all have to go out, right now, and find a theater playing Mad Hot Ballroom. A blurb in the trailer described it, quite accurately, as "Strictly Ballroom meets Spellbound." Seriously, little kids in the cutthroat world of ballroom dancing competitions? SO AWESOME.

Awww! I just got a beautiful charm bracelet in the mail! Thank you, aperrin2! (I should add that we're friends, so it's not Random Inappropriate Giftage from Strangers.)

Speaking of which, I cleaned off my dresser and reorganized my jewelry, which involved A LOT of dusting and throwing-away of random receipts and junkmail. I'm a terrible packrat, and the reason I got a Clean Your Living Space or Else ultimatum is because it's finally gotten really, really bad. To the point where it's understood that the entire room will take the better part of a week. It's mostly piles of unread magazines and papers and boxes and books without shelves to call home--all this stuff but nowhere to put it. So we're going to buy a couple of bookcases or somesuch once I've cleared out some space.

(Feeling better today. Oddly, I think what cheered me up the most was a new installment of the Anonymous Hate Meme at someone's journal, in which someone declared that I have a huge ego and "asslickig [sic] minions." I just found it really funny for some reason--particularly this one anon who was really, really persistent. That, and I don't know that I've ever even been mentioned before in a hate meme, so clearly I've arrived now. Anyhoo, the way I figure it, any writer who actually puts her work out there to be read has got to have a fairly big ego, just by definition, or she'd just keep her work in a drawer where it "deserved" to stay. I mean, you have to think pretty highly of yourself to do this kind of thing anyway. As for the minions, I wouldn't presume to speak for y'all and your proclivities [hee]. And no, I'm not linking to it, because there's no point in everyone going over there, piling on, and... proving that I actually do have "asslickig minions," whatever those are.)

(Random thought: Just had a Chocolicious Wonka Cake, which is a Hostess cupcake with purple cream and icing and a picture of Johnny Depp on the box. Now I just want a Swiss Roll to get the purple out of my mouth. Ugh.)

I keep having really, really bizarre dreams. Like, even the best ones are sort of bizarrely pointless, and the worst ones involve harm to my person. Another dream I had recently: Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet were married, and at a party, and I kept trying to get over to talk to them. They seemed to be friends of mine, but people kept handing me small children because I'm "so good with kids!" [Tcha!] And I kept being held up by these small children who, incidentally, threw up on me. At a party. Where Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet were married. Pretty happily, too. I have no idea. Before that, The Lovely Emily and I were trying to wrestle with a haunted washing machine. Today I dreamed about watching some cracked-out movie while a hurricane started up outside. Also, we were out of squeeze-bear honey. Clearly, my dreams suck.

I've been trying to work on this lucid dreaming stuff, where you're at least somewhat conscious you're dreaming and can therefore control what you dream about. I mean, I've been having nightmares for the better part of a year now, and I'm really tired of the guy chasing me down the hall with an axe and the grandma zombies breaking down the door. That last one--I was standing at a kitchen sink while a zombie was pounding at the door and about to break it down and I pinched my arm, and the skin was really elastic, and it didn't hurt at all, and I said, "This isn't real. This is a dream. You can make her go away." And it... kind of didn't work. I did wake up shortly thereafter, though. So I'm trying to work on turning the whole "wake up when bad things happen" thing into "dream about things that are actually worthwhile. Like really hot celebrities." Fortunately, a box of Better Living Through Positive Thinking-type books came in from twilight_zen yesterday (another friend of mine), so maybe I can, like, rule the world with the powers of my mind and shit. There is no spoon!

ETA: You know what else I dream about a lot, and which fits into the zombie/axe-murderer dreams a lot? Doors that won't lock. I'm always trying to get away from something or someone, and I keep locking the door and the lock won't hold. Curiously, my bedroom door lock actually does this--you can't lock it. I think I have denial-of-privacy issues.

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