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Writers' meeting with the Lovely Emily and--to coin a nickname for her--the Amazing McRachel went fine. I had a peach freeze and it was gooood. I think I recognized the guy sitting at the table behind us from Milton class and a workshop, but I'm not sure--I'm used to seeing his profile, not full face. We talked about boys and work and Livejournal and message boards and eventually even got around to poetry, astonishingly enough, so now I have homework for our next meeting.

We got out of the hurricane just fine, obviously, although our next-door neighbor lost a tree. I did spent the whole night lying in bed as the power flashed on and off--which was why I went to bed at 8 pm, because it was pointless to do anything but just turn everything off and practice my lucid dreaming. My poor alarm clock--you could look at it and, since there was no point in resetting it every time, basically use it as a No Blackouts in ## Minutes sign. Once we got through more than an hour. I think the shortest interval without a blackout was about ten minutes.

(By the way--my other post was meant to be a declaration of defiance, not a reckless flaunting of lack of damage, because... seriously, don't smite me, okay, weather gods?)

My mother, however, spent the afternoon before the hurricane hit baking a cake. This after the brownies and cookies from the day before. And I'll tell you what, this cake turned out to be exceptionally moist. It actually falls apart on the fork and is really, really good. I have no idea what's up with that.

Something interesting about Harry Potter and the publishing industry in general:
Demand for the book is higher than ever. Scholastic, Inc., Rowling’s American publisher, has announced a first printing of 10.8 million, seven times the first run of Bill Clinton’s “My Life” and 4 million more than for “Order of the Phoenix.” Meanwhile, Random House’s Listening Library has commissioned 635,000 copies of the audio version, again read by the beloved Jim Dale.

Pre-orders from Barnes & Noble, Inc., and have already made “Half-Blood Prince” a million seller.

“We will sell about 50,000 copies per hour in the first 24 hours,” says Barnes & Noble CEO Steve Riggio. “Less than 1 percent of all books sell that many in their lifetime.”
Speaking of which, I've never been to a midnight book party before--what do the stores do, exactly?

The Lovely Emily and some other folks are going to an art thing before the party, so Sister Girl and I are going to pre-order tickets and try to get into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at 7 pm. Poor movie--who's going to go see it after they've got Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince clutched in their hot little hands? Bad marketing department! Bad!

I also really wanted to go see this screening of Murderball tonight, but I read in the paper yesterday that it had already sold out. I hadn't realized that they actually filmed part of it here, where the players trained for the Paralympics, which explains the burst of local interest. It won't be back until July 29, woe, but at least I have Empire tonight, and... oh, shit. I still haven't written last week's recap, have I?

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