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Tired, but good mood. The problem with updating the Digest on class nights is that half these movie sites don't update until dinnerish, so I can't go ahead and write the whole update before I go. I've tried to before, and usually I just have more work correcting or adding to it when I get back--I can get the gossip/"Other News" section done, but that's about it. Class went well, despite the hellishly hot room. Temple is so cute that you just want to pet him. I finally figured out who he reminds me of--not just a young Treat Williams, but even more so: Scott Foley. He's reeeally laidback about the reading, and more of my classmate-type friends showed up, so it looks like it'll be a good class.

I really want to see the Van Helsing trailer, but streaming media is ass. That's the one my second cousin Cindy--my mother's cousin--did the sets for. We are all v. proud. We are not so v. proud of Hugh Jackman's accent and the lack of David Wenham in the trailer, but what're you gonna do.

Thanks again for everyone's fansite suggestions; I'm taking tomorrow to go through what y'all have sent me and send out some invitations.
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