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A Random Harry Potter Survey!
Age when you first read Harry PotterJust before the first movie came out--what would that be, 22?
Favorite BookPrisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Character(s)Harry, Hermione, Ginny
Favorite Proffesor(s)McGonagall, Snape (what?), Lupin
Favorite HouseRavenclaw in theory, because we NEVER GET TO SEE IT, THANKS
Favorite Quidditch TeamGryffindor, I guess...?
Favorite CoupleAre there couples in the books?
Favorite Magical AnimalThe centaurs are kind of cool. Even if they look like ass in the movie.
Favorite Magical PlaceHogwarts, I guess? (What? I like the idea of holing up in a magic castle.) The candy shop also sounds pretty fun.
Favorite WeasleyGinny, by a mile.
Favorite PetYou want a species or a character? The owls are pretty awesome, I guess.
Favorite Order MemberGod, I can't even remember who's IN the order.
Favorite ClassI kind of want to do potions, only with someone less cranky than Snape. It seems fun--kind of like cooking.
Favorite Wizarding SnackMmm, chocolate frogs.
Favorite Gryffindor StudentHarry, I guess? Or Hermione, when Harry gets shouty.
Draco or Harry?Ew, Harry all the way.
H/Hr or R/Hr?I like the idea of Harry/Hermione, but then I remember that I kind of want him to be with Ginny, too. So Ron/Hermione's fine with me.
Snape or Lupin?Lupin, but it's close.
Crookshanks or Scabbers?Crookshanks.
Hedwig or Pig?Hedwig!
Harry or Ron?Harry. Ron's okay and everything, but he doesn't do much for me.
Crabbe or Goyle?I have to choose?
Canon/Fanon Draco?Ew, neither.
Canon/Fanon Snape?Canon.
D/Hr or D/G?Neither?
H/D or H/SS?I... I don't even know what the second one's supposed to be. Snape? Neither, man.
Your OTP?Don't have one.
Favorite SlytherinMovie!Pansy's kind of cute.
Cho - annoying or not?She didn't annoy me until she got all clueless in the last book. "Hi! I'm going to talk about my dead boyfriend ALL THE TIME to my new potential boyfriend! I'm sure he'll love that!"
Do you write Fanfiction?No.
Do you read Fanfiction?No.
Favorite Fanfiction?
Canon or Fanon?
One shot or Novel length?
Fluff or Angst?
Very Powerful Harry?
Very Sexy Draco?
Gen, Het, or Slash?
Fanfiction Petpeeves?
Did you Cry when Cedric Died?Nope.
Did you cry when Sirius Died?No... it was more of a "WTF? You moron!" kind of reaction.
All time favorite partThe time-travel section in POA.
Were you mad about the whole H/C mistake?The who in the what now?
Do you like Viktor Krum?He's okay.
Do you like Cho Chang?Uh... see answer above?
Do you like Fleur?She's okay.
Do you like Cedric?Sing it with me if you know the words: he's okay.
What did you think of the Prophecy?Well... kind of obvious, wasn't it?
Which characters need more development?Well, I wouldn't mind seeing more Ginny, but she's pretty well-developed as far as that goes.
Did Harry pass his O.W.Ls in Potions?I guess we'll find out...?
Will Harry die or survive at the end of book 7?I'm pretty sure he's going to live.
Do you like the Marauders?I don't just worship them the way some people do, but I don't think they're bastards, either. I think JKR's put in a pretty realistic depiction of a clique of teenage boys--good points and bad--that ends up humanizing a lot of the characters involved. Particularly Snape.
Light side or dark side?Light. Always wins, doesn't it?
Who do you think is the HBP?Possibly someone we've never met before? I have no idea.
Who do you think will die in HBP?I have fifty on Dumbledore.
Who do you think Harry's new "love interest" is in HBP?*crosses fingers for Ginny*
What do you think will be the "something huge" revealed about Lily Potter?Something huge is going to be revealed?
Are you a Luna fan?Eh, she's okay. Kind of spacy, which is why I don't really want her hooking up with Harry--I don't know that I could take that much of her.
Favorite Marauder?Lupin, I guess?
Is Harry going to be back on the quidditch team?Well, it would really suck if he weren't, and I'm not sure I'm willing to listen to him bitch about it for a whole book.
How well do you think Harry will cope with Sirius's death in HBP?Not very. Unless there's a touching scene where he comes to terms with it through a vision/memento/poignant conversation.
Do you think Harry will be even more angry in HBP than in OotP?God, I hope not. The kid's got to get his head together at some point.
Will Ron or Hermione die in either of the next 2 books?I really don't see that happening.
How do you think Ron and Hermione will react when they find out about the prophecy?"Well... duh?" Probably freaking the hell out, I dunno.
Harry Potter Movies
Do you like the movies as much as the books?I like them about equally.
Hottest HP actor?Well, I am looking forward to the new Voldemort...
Do you think Emma Watson is too girly for Hermione?Uh... no? Yeah, Hermione is Hollywood ugly. That said, I think she's fine.
What do you think of Ruperts long hair in GoF?Eh, I guess it works for him.
Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?Radcakes all the way.
Chris Columbus or Alfonso?Cuaron!
Was the warewolf too bald?The who was too what now? I mean, it looked a bit like a pissy greyhound, but at least it was something different.
What scene did they leave out in the movie you wish they hadn't?Y'all, I don't even remember.
Favorite movie moment?"You tell those spiders, Ron."
Least favorite movie moment?The end of COS where Hagrid comes back and gets a standing ovation. Harry's the one who saved the day! WHAT THE HELL, MAN?
Favorite character in movie?As my sister would say, "I like Hermione, 'cos she's the girl."
Favorite Movie?Prisoner of Azkaban
Was that how you imagined the basalisk?Eh, sure.
Do you wish Richard Harris could still play Dumbledore?People, move on. Michael Gambon is different but I like him just fine.
Do you think Snape is sexy?I wouldn't say "sexy," but... I really like Rickman, shut up.
Do you wish you looked like Emma Watson?Uh, no, because I'm 26?
And for the lst question, how has Harry Potter changed your life?Well, it indirectly caused me to decide to continue writing under a pen name, so... I guess there's that?


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