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God, I am so tired. No real good reason, either. It's probably because I'm sort of off my normal schedule and not really getting a set amount of sleep. Also? I hate cleaning. I know you're sitting here going, "She's still cleaning?" See, it's not vacuum-and-Windex cleaning; it's boxes-piled-in-the-corner-from-college cleaning. It's feral dustbunnies and no room to put anything. It's going to be a while, but I only have three weeks until class, and the natives parents are getting restless.

Didn't clean much yesterday because I had another poetry group meeting with the Lovely Emily and the Amazing McRachel. We loathe the Lovely Emily because her poem was really, really good. I hadn't written an actual new poem in... well, longer than I should admit, so here's how lame I was: I was using Black Phoenix oils as jumping-off points. Not writing about the perfumes themselves, but about whoever (or whatever) they were named for, while trying to mention as many ingredients as possible. Of course, if that didn't fit the format or just turned out to be lame, I ditched it whenever I felt I needed to. So far I've done Tamora, Persephone, and Mata Hari. I am so incredibly lame.

(Which reminds me. I need to post some more BPAL reviews and OH MY GOD I STILL HAVEN'T DONE THE EMPIRE RECAPS.)

Speaking of which: since it's in my Orion bio, I felt like it was time to attempt the resurrection of the Digest. Basically, I'm going to try to move it to LJ as a constantly-updated blog, instead of having one massive, hand-coded, white elephant of a daily update. So it's kind of in an experimental form right now: dailydigestnews. Plus, the tag system makes it delightfully easy to categorize and cross-reference stuff. I have two items up so far, about new GOF pics and the new Rent trailer, and I'm going to be moving back into things slowly--only high-interest news items for now, not the complete rundown I used to do. Also, we've had a movie reviews comm for a while that gets updated sporadically, if y'all want to help with that. More info:

dailydigest is a true community, in the sense that anyone who promises to follow the review format laid out and, you know, punctuate and spell correctly can post reviews of movies. Any movie they want. Any movie that is, in fact, a movie. Seriously, I don't care. There are movies. You review them. It doesn't have to be funny. It's pretty simple. You will actually need to join the comm if you want to post. If you just want to read it, you can friend or join.

dailydigestnews is not a "true" community--it's like m15m, in that it's a community journal being used instead of a personal journal because 1) more people can friend a community than a single user and 2) if I need to give posting privileges to a guest blogger (say, while I'm sick or traveling), I can. Joining isn't any better than friending. You can do whichever you want, the result is the same. No one posts (at the moment) but me.

I think Short Attention Span Theater is dead. I loved it, but I prefer LJ to Blogspot, and between my personal journal and whatever incarnation of the Digest we have going, it's pretty much redundant and/or obsolete. Woe. It'll still be there, though, in case you ever want to go back and read stuff. I think Trailer Park is also dead--I don't have time for 6,500 blogs (no! really?), and Gunther pretty much has the trailer angle covered with the fabulously useful trailer_spot. I still have my Blogger account, though, because their Audioblogger service is pretty useful, and I can still use it to comment on other people's blogs (like eris_rising's Field Guide to Geeks).

Oh, before I forget: book distribution news at the 15M community.

(Thanks, boarderbunny!)

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