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I am ridiculously pleased with myself over my meager efforts to update dailydigestnews, because, let's face it, three days in a row is a better record than I usually had at the old site anyway. I'm still going slowly, but I'm trying to put up just enough each day to get myself back into the habit. So far I've put up bits about the Karla Homolka movie with Laura Prepon getting pulled, that soccer hooligans movie of Elijah Wood's that has a new name every time I turn around, a Serenity interview with Joss Whedon, a hilarious pan of Alexander on DVD, and lots of Potter news. I think I actually like this format a lot better, because it's got 1) tags, for easy cross-referencing (look! All the Potter entries!) and 2) comments, so I can actually interact with people. Oh, and it doesn't involve me hand-coding shit on an amateurish Geocities page. WHEE.

Harry Potter Meme of All Memes by Osaku
WandPine, 11", Veela Hair
Best CourseSpell Theory
Worst CourseHistory of Magic
PetPersian cat
Quidditch JobCommon Spectator
Wizard CandyPepper Imps
Profession After SchoolMember of the Order of the Phoenix
Quiz created with MemeGen!

ETA: Omg, you guys, I just found a handwritten journal I kept in a three-ring binder from February to July of 1997 (my last semester of high school through my first internship). On the very first page, after announcing that my hand-me-down borrowed laptop won't work and that "I must write or die," I immediately begin snarking on recent X-Files episode titles, which is somehow both pitiful and hilarious. It also reminds me why I think pop-culture writing is made for public discourse: it's fun when a bunch of people get together and talk about it. It's sad when your only audience is yourself.

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