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Well, I've posted on add_me, so I'd better write something worth adding, hadn't I?

We had Olive Garden catering/takeout for my grandmother's 80th birthday lunch today--just finished having leftovers for dinner. In the middle of this, Sister Girl gets an hysterical phone call from her best friend, and... well, let's just say it involves best friend's sister, $450 worth of meth, and death threats. Unfortunately, it also looks like Sister Girl may be getting her own LJ, so I'm going to have to go back and friends-lock (or maybe just lock) any previous entries I mentioned her in. All the more reason to friend me! Oh dear.

I was riding this crest of productivity, but now I'm sort of tired again. I didn't update dailydigest last night, and I really should update before Monday so as to be caught up. But tiiiiired...

Oh, and snowking and I have a nice little iconning thread going on in my previous Van Helsing-oriented entry. I have a feeling that the icon addiction is upon me, yea verily. God help me if I ever get hold of an actual copy of Photoshop.

The caps are in my Photo Bucket gallery, if anyone wants to join in. :D
Tags: birthdays, dailydigest, icons, movies, sister girl, van helsing


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