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Unnnnngh, so tired. Mostly from sleeping badly.

Finally beat the Naughty Sorceress this morning. If you really wanna feel impressed, try this: I have two "younger" multis, a pastamancer and a sauceror, and I beat the Sorceress on all three accounts this morning. But damn if I didn't want to stab somebody by the time it was done.

First of all, I've been living on this page for a few days now. If you're reading this and going, "WTF is she talking about?," that is an excellent wikipedia-style site where you can look anything I'm talking about up. And trust me, by the time I get to "furry suit," you might want to.

Anyhoo. You absolutely have to equip the Wand of Nagamar. The third part of the battle requires this to win. I equipped the furry suit (furry pants and wolf mask) all three times. I equipped an acid-squirting flower all three times, because it's the only item I know of that damages your opponent every time you take a hit. (Any buffs or effects, such as the similar elemental saucesphere, will be stripped off when you start fighting.) The pastamancer got two kickback cookbooks equipped, because for some reason she's got a really good amount of HP/MP and didn't need any help there. At first I put an amulet of extreme plot significance on the sauceror, because she's got crap HP, but really, you need the kickback cookbooks to make a dent in the Sorceress. Really, you need three, but seriously, I ended up taking the bitch down three acid-soaked points at a time. The wiki site tells you to use the disco face stab if you're a disco bandit (my woefully leveled-up account) and low-level attack spells if you're a mysticality class (so you don't use up all your MP; also, the top-level spell won't work on her). Star throwing-stars and plot holes are also good. However? Everything I did, she'd yank it out of my character's hands or distract her or block her or something. I'd say maybe one out of every five actions worked, and that's being generous. And that's on all three characters, so it's not like it was my disco bandit in particular.

So the strategy I came up with was this: lower your moxie (and therefore hers, because her stats apparently match yours) with the furry suit. Get the acid flower so she's taking some kind of damage no matter what happens. And lay hold of a shitload of healing potions. After I saw how many she'd break or steal or throw over the wall, I was kind of reluctant to go to all the trouble of making red pixel potions, but in theory, those are good. (So are green, which heal HP and MP, if you're using spells.) I felt less bad about blowing a few hundred Doc Galaktik elixirs. And I am not kidding about "a few hundred," either--I probably blew 200 or so every time I fought her. So get in there. Open up with a disco face stab, or chronic indigestion, or whatever low-level spell you want. Wait until you've burned off about twenty HP, because there's no point in healing until then. Then start trying to use the healing potions. Trust me, she won't let you, but you need to go ahead and start trying, because by the time you do get one or two in, you're gonna need them. So just hang in there with the potions. Throw in another stab or spell once in a while, but mostly let your acid-squirting flower and your attack familiar do the work. (I used a 25 lb sabre-toothed lime with two characters and a 25 lb angry goat on the other. If I'd had a ghost pickle, trust me, I would have used it.)

You won't win the first time (and if you do, I will totally stab you). Fight her a couple of times and get a feel for how you often you need to play your attacks vs. your healing potions.

So now: to ascend. I almost don't want to ascend on my disco bandit account--I kind of want to keep leveling up and working on trophies and doing Fernswarthy's Basement and training up familiars and stuff like that. I mean, I can always ascend later if I change my mind. But I hate having a character that strong and then just starting all over. Sigh. (I got myself a coffee pixie, though!) As for the other two characters, I'm ascending as soon as I've gathered up some food and/or booze. Here's my question: do they let you keep quest items like the intragalactic rowboat and the meatcar? Or do I need to untinker those so I can take them out of storage and put them together again? (I've already blown up my chef- and bartender-in-a-box and put them back together, so I can just install them back at camp first thing.)

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