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Unnnnngh, so tired. Mostly from sleeping badly.

Finally beat the Naughty Sorceress this morning. If you really wanna feel impressed, try this: I have two "younger" multis, a pastamancer and a sauceror, and I beat the Sorceress on all three accounts this morning. But damn if I didn't want to stab somebody by the time it was done.

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So now: to ascend. I almost don't want to ascend on my disco bandit account--I kind of want to keep leveling up and working on trophies and doing Fernswarthy's Basement and training up familiars and stuff like that. I mean, I can always ascend later if I change my mind. But I hate having a character that strong and then just starting all over. Sigh. (I got myself a coffee pixie, though!) As for the other two characters, I'm ascending as soon as I've gathered up some food and/or booze. Here's my question: do they let you keep quest items like the intragalactic rowboat and the meatcar? Or do I need to untinker those so I can take them out of storage and put them together again? (I've already blown up my chef- and bartender-in-a-box and put them back together, so I can just install them back at camp first thing.)

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