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takarakanashi, who's in New Orleans, mentioned a few things in a comment on the previous entry:
Here's the general rundown on everything that I've heard... stuff you may want to post in case you have anyone from the area reading your jounal (which since I'm reading, it's likely.).

Well... my apartment (in Hammond) should be okay. My best friend is going back tomorrow, and we may wait... so odds are things aren't messed up. We've had our windows taped since Ivan, lol.

My job, at Target in Covington, well... we have no clue. Covington is 20 minutes away from Hammond, and we are thinking that it's either under water, or close to being partially destroyed. Hurricane force winds ran through there.

My family lives in Slidell, they think that Slidell is destroyed. No definite news has come back on that.

The four worst flooded places in the city area are: Kenner, Uptown New Orleans, New Orleans East, and the Westbank. A building in Terrytown collapsed, no info on whether there was anyone in it. The aforementioned places above have water levels of at least 8 feet.
She's got a public entry where you can post anything definite that you know about what's going on in various areas. Both my friend Marcus and dopaminergic are saying that the 9th Ward is under six feet of water. I don't have specifics, but at least one or two towns in Mississippi were completely wiped off the map, according to my mother. I haven't specifically checked on Mobile, but I hear that it got hit pretty bad as well.

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