Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Bad news: Halliburton gets a NOLA cleanup contract.

Good news: Pandacam--keeping you sane one pandasnuggle at a time.

CafePress news: I've whipped up some samples. These are just examples, in low res--once I've decided on the design, it's no big thing to make an image in different template formats (mug, sticker, button, mouse pad, shirt). The actual design images are way huge, so these are just sort of thumbnails. If people like multiple designs, I have no problem putting up more than one per quote.

Image hosted by

"Werewolves" (HP&POA/15M, sticker template)

Image hosted by Image hosted by

"Hey Baby" (King Arthur/15M, sticker template, styles 1 & 2. Style 1 looks better at larger sizes, say, on a shirt.)

Image hosted by Image hosted by

"Porno" (HP&POA/15M, sticker template, styles 1 & 2)

Image hosted by Image hosted by

"Porno" (HP&POA/15M, round button template, styles 3 & 4)

Image hosted by

"Woe" (General use, sticker template. Would look good at larger size on shirt or mousepad.)

Also, I have the Hard Rock Cafe font if someone could do a Black Rock Cafe parody logo, à la Lost.

Poll #563996 CafePress Charities

Of the charities we discussed in previous entries, these seemed to be the largest and most reliable. Pick the charities you would most like the CafePress money to go to. Depending on how much is raised and how close the vote is, I may go with the top choice or the top two.

The Red Cross
The Salvation Army
United Way
Second Harvest
The Humane Society

ETA: Might want to look into what the Red Cross did with 9/11 funds. I put them on the list anyway because they're the biggest and most organized, but...

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