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It's funny--some of y'all seemed worried about me, but collecting all the news hasn't burnt me out emotionally at all. I think I'm sort of in a state of emotional disconnect at this point (again, because it cannot be said too many times: not watching the disaster on TV helps a lot), and I'm pretty sanguine about everything. It may even be that compiling news makes me feel like I'm being useful in some small way. My eyes are getting very tired, though.

Remember the last entry with "Bad news: Halliburton gets a NOLA cleanup contract"? Well, ter369 points out something I hadn't thought of: "I'm here in Houston, where Halliburton getting contracts means more jobs, not only in New Orleans, but here in a city with tens of thousands of new residents this week."

Reader notes, updates, and requestsCollapse )

Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans? An ARC FAQ.

Last night at the Astrodome: a personal report.

Army publication calls some NOLA Katrina victims "the insurgency."

You can help Katrina victims through eBay as well.

Congress Likely to Probe Guard ResponseCollapse )

Another Storm Possible in Hard-Hit RegionCollapse )

One guy jumped off a balcony. I saw him do it. He said it reminded him of the war and he couldn't leaveCollapse )

What he describes is nothing less than deliberate genocide against Black and poor peopleCollapse )

Communities around Louisiana were refusing to accept refugees from New Orleans because of fear caused by media coverage of the same few lootersCollapse )

"I ask you to mount a collective scream of outrage and wolf howls into the airwaves, radio and TV stations, so that we can come in to do what we have always done in times of disaster and that is to lend a genuine human effort that is tribal community oriented and truly compassionate."

ETA, 10:30 pm: And just when you think things can't get any better, Chief Justice Rehnquist dies. Aaaaaand the battle for ideological dominance begins.

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