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So. I saw Peter Pan yesterday. It was v. good. I made wallpaper. I read part of the original book at Project Gutenberg last night. I need to write a review now. And I'm going to, but first, I have to get something off my chest that I don't really want to put in a serious, introspective review:

Jason Isaacs is the sexor. Seriously. I know that y'all who are deeper into the Harry Potter fandom already knew this. Look, I think he makes a great Lucius Malfoy, but Scary Aryan doesn't really do it for me in terms of the hotness. But Captain Hook? I am telling you, this is David-Bowie-in-Labyrinth for a new generation. Ten years from now, college girls (hey, maybe a few boys) are going to be getting tipsy on a slow Saturday night watching their favorite childhood movies, and one of them's going say in a very small voice, "You know, I always thought Hook was... kinda... hot," and the confessions are going to start pouring out.

And what these wee sprats don't realize now, because they are, you know, eight years old and don't read the entertainment press, is that the filmmakers did this on purpose. So I'm not crazy or anything. PJ Hogan kept talking about bringing the adolescent psychodrama up to the surface, blah blah blah, Jason Isaacs decided to play Hook "like a rock star," and there were several moments where I was afraid--since the movie clearly shows you that the same actor is playing Hook and Mr. Darling--that we were actually going to get into the Wendycest. Like, when Hook assures Wendy sweetly, "My new obsession is you," I swear all the parents in the theater all looked at each other kinda queasily. And then he finished, "...and not that silly Peter Pan, or his whereabouts. I promise we won't follow you back to his hideout," and we were all like, "Ohhhhhh. Whew. Carry on." Because, seriously? He's piratelicious, and it's not like we really need all that much encouragement.

I need to go write a real review now.
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