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Aaaaand Horoscope of Irony is back on track with the scarily true:

Quickie: If you're feeling moody and slow, try to figure out why. The answer is obvious.

Overview: Tiptoe away from any meetings that look like they could develop into confrontations; you're feeling a touch introspective and really aren't up to dealing with someone else's mood. Be clear that you need your space now.

Daily extended: Feel like your home life is in need of some serious transformation? It's no wonder, with the mutable celestial influences going on in your life right now. You may decide a relationship needs a serious overhaul if you're attached; if you're single, you may radically rethink your approach to this whole love thing. An obstacle may emerge during all this change, but learn to roll with it and it'll be a molehill instead of a mountain

(, via

I have got to get off my ass and buy clothes, whether from a terrestrial store or an online catalogue, because I'm down to, like, two or three shirts that have not been worn down to holeyness. It's not that I don't like clothes, or don't like looking nice at all; it's just that 1) I don't go out much and 2) when I'm writing, which is soooo much of the time, I want to be comfortable in a "forget I have a body" sense. You know, when you're in the zone. It's hard to itch or tug at that collar and still be in the zone. It's a failing of mine that I don't care what I'm wearing most of the time, I admit this. So. Katrina guilt or not, must clothe self.


Have started keeping a handwritten diary again. Haven't done that in years, mostly thanks to computer. Even before I hit online journal services, I'd started typing up journals because I type faster than I write. Then I realized that I was actually having a hard time taking notes in class at my usual speed because my handwriting has atrophied that badly. That, and I saw a gorgeous journal at that my soul must haaaaaave, and I already have an ever-so-slightly used "The Lady with the Unicorn" journal, so clearly, it was an idea whose time had come.

And there are things you just can't say on an online journal, and the more people that read it, the less you can say. I mean, if nothing else, because you know that there's a huge chance anything you say will get back to your relatives, particularly if it's about them. At one point I was keeping a private, locked-down, no-friends journal on another service (in a different name), but... really, I'm too lazy to keep up with things like that. I figure, with a handwritten journal, I can carry it around and it can also be my writerly commonplace book, I can pastede things in it, yay.

Oh, and speaking books (and tenuous segues), Venus in Boston arrived yesterday, thank GOD.  I was kind of going to my zen place of "Well, there's nothing you can do about it, you've already paid for it and they're not doing a good job of stocking it in town, you'll just have to go to class and take notes without the book, much less having read the book, and you'll just have to do the Julia Roberts Horselaugh of Oh, How Hapless and Quirky Am I. Or does this require the Reese Witherspoon Grin-Shug of Apologetic Spunkiness? Meditate on this." So I was prepared to make the best of it and not stress, and--hey! then it did come in. I may be on to something here.

(If you are wondering: the correct response is "the Reese Witherspoon Grin-Shrug." The Julia Roberts Horselaugh should be reserved for situations of extreme physical embarrassment, such as falling down three flights of stairs on your ass with a stack of books raining down on your head, that would otherwise require bursting into tears or dying of embarrassment. You can have that one for free.)

The CafePress store is coming along really well, by the way. It's just taking a while because a design for a sticker might also fit decently on a mug, but it's not going to fit right on a mousepad, so you have go through and redesign whatever to fit the dimensions of whichever product. It just takes a while, and I'm slightly terrified of opening the store with crap products and then improving them after half of y'all have bought the "bad" ones. So.

(I did come up with some awesome new Heroine Addict designs, if I do say so myself.)

Anyhoo, happy links:

oxymoron: Beedogs!

Lily Rose: Dogblog!

ETA: Sister Girl just brought me a Krispy Kreme. Cream-filled. Life is good.


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