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High anxiety

I am not having a good day. Meko's blood sugar is back up near 400 (!), and she was all squinty-winky like Sam, so we thought, oh, she's got allergies the way he does. Nope, she's got A CATARACT. It would be $1000 to have it removed, but she'd have to be put to sleep (i.e., anesthetized), and she's old, so... we probably shouldn't do that, and money's a little tight anyway. (I had to pay for her last $350 worth of visits.) So now she's trundling around like a pommy little pirate with one squinty eye.

My mother, meanwhile, is in huge amounts of pain because of her knee--my mother's side of the family is rife with bad knees, ph34r. I'm already her three-story gofer as it is (and I feel horribly guilty for even resenting that in the first place), but now she's managed to wrench it in the opposite direction, so the pain is so bad that she's in a full-leg brace ("I can't bend it at all! How am I supposed to get ANYTHING DONE??") and having an MRI right about... now. She's terrified they're going to toss her straight into surgery afterwards--not because she's afraid of surgery, but because she wouldn't be able to work and she has "TOO MANY THINGS TO DO!!!" (Well, this is my mom we're talking about.) And... again with the money being tight, and all that.

Oh, and my right eyelid won't stop twitching, and I kind of want to cry. I'm gonna go off with Meko and look for something to pillage.


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