Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Unceremonious opening ceremonies

God, I need to get the next Katrina entry finished up.

Anyhoo, I'm gonna go ahead and open up the Katrina store on the strict understanding that it is not finished and that new designs and products and things will be added, and on a daily basis if possible, so there will be more stuff. Eventually. But I have to read for class and I'm about a month behind on poem(s) for my writing group and I have Lost recaps to catch up on and it just takes time to change a design from one set of dimensions to another, you know? So the store's still rough, and not all the descriptions are finished, but, you know, pardon our progress and all that.

(Sorry, I'm a little frazzled today.)

Again: I am not keeping any of the profits. CafePress keeps the base price, and I have added $1 to that on every single product, which means that the number of products you buy affects how much goes to charity, not the total cost; it's a setup that encourages people to buy a lot of smaller items, basically, and while I'll put up anything anyone asks for, I'm definitely going to try to focus on buttons, magnets, mugs, that kind of thing, in addition to the ubiquitous t-shirt. Animal designs will benefit the Humane Society; all other proceeds will be split between Habitat for Humanity and Second Harvest.

I don't know if I'm working on a Lost recap or more designs tonight, but that's basically my plan for the evening. And maybe watching the Goblet of Fire trailer again.

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Tags: cafepress, charity, katrina
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