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Shop updates

Whee more stuff for charitah! New and recommended: The Po'no Sto'.


This, of course, is in addition to the fully operational Polar Bear store. New items include... well, just about everything with the new porno design, and some more buttons and mini buttons and magnets (and OMGWTFBUMPERSTICKER!). I'm currently working on some "Cousins" shirts, trying to flesh out the Cleo Sue section a bit more, and looking into that "borrow a cup of sex" mug. Also, a note from our hosts:

CP Summer Blowout Sale
Just a reminder that Summer Blowout Sale starts Sept 14 and ends Sept 21. $2 off Baby Doll Tee, Jr. Raglan, Jr. Tank Top, Women's Cap Sleeve Tee, and Women's Tank
Coupon code: Breeze2
Check out the new porno shirts; they turned out particularly well.

Oh, and if anyone can think of a kickier name than "Katrina Charity Store," it'd be appreciated.

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