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More shop updates

New stores: I realized I should group things by subject (Lost recaps, Whatever in 15 Minutes) and then by themes within that (Sleeves, Lost countries, etc.). So we're going through a bit of reorganization. In case you're wondering, I'm trying not to actually say "Harry Potter" or "King Arthur" (although I guess the latter couldn't be trademarked or copyrighted per se), so the store titles will be a little... oblique. Thus, we have:

Ancient Kind-of-Roman Britain. Includes "Cup of Sex" mugs, plus "Stabnation" and "Sleeves" sub-stores. Yes, with "The Romans wouldn't let us have sleeves" on tanks and camis. Yes, in three different font styles. Also, there are buttons. Oh, just added: "omg so sexy."

[Famous Boy Wizard] in Fifteen Minutes. "Faster, Plebe!," "Outta My Way!," and "Werewolves!" Notice, also, the "Two-Faced Apparel" sub-stores in the first two sections. Basically, if you're into Slytherin, it's all about you.

The Mousepad Store. With new Cleo Sue mousepads. If you know of a way to let customers browse by item type--and I swear I saw somewhere that you could do this--let me know. Until then, I'll just have to put together item stores with dupes of the products--only buttons, only stickers, and so on--because I know a lot of y'all are interested in a single kind of product.

Speaking of Cleo Sue, the "Studious, Y'all" variant has been added. There aren't many products in that whole section as of yet, but I'm working on it. Oh, and I finally had the bright idea to actually quote the 15M line(s) in question on the section info for each store. Whee HTML!

Yes, I am working on Lost, and Lost countries, and Lost recaps.

Also, for those of you wondering how I've been able to do all this so quickly: I'm telling you, that's CafePress for you. At its easiest, it's "Start a new section, add all apparel to it, select one image to go on everything," voilà. The most time-consuming part of it is mocking a design up into the different dimensions--you can reuse the rectangular sticker template for t-shirts, I've discovered, if you just double the size of the open Photoshop document (that is, not a hard image--actually make it double the fonts, the backgrounds, etc.). But bumper stickers and round buttons and mugs all need their own variations. And if you didn't use a white background, you're going to need to do a fresh template for rectangular magnets and mousepads. Fnarr. But really, the only thing holding me up at all is just sitting here trying to think of designs--the two Plebe series took way longer to turn into something decent than they should have, but c'est la vie.

(Hee. While my mother was up here rambling on about some new distressing thing ["... and then we had to SEND the monitor BACK because we didn't order the one with the BUILT-IN SPEAKERS"], I dragged her over to the computer and showed her the stuff I'd been working on, because it has been kind of time-consuming, and I wanted her to know what I was, in fact, doing instead of cleaning. Now? My mom wants a "Cousins" mousepad.)

All right. I have a ton of linkspam I need to organize, Katrina and otherwise, but I gotta eat dinner, watch Rome, and load up the Lost DVDs. Although--I will say, if you want your name in a Lemony Snicket book, you better move fast.

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