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Generally have tried to stay off the computer today. I was watching the Lost DVDs in my desk chair, so I could turn around and check my email if I heard a ding, but for the sake of my eye twitch, I'm trying to stick to TV, class reading, letter writing, cleaning--things that do not involve staring at a small, bright screen. For a few days, anyway.

My new journal! (Paper journal, I mean. It came in yesterday.)

Holocaust Survivor Simon Wiesenthal Dies.

A story that starts off with an almost noirish rhythm: "Business was bad. The city was hell. They got to talking. She had an apartment on Lee Circle but no food or water; he had those things in a ruined house over on the Esplanade..."

Elijah Wood addresses Dominic Monaghan's assertions they are deeply, gayly in love:  "Dom's actually going to have my child. We're very excited, very proud. We're going to name it Frodo. He wanted it to be called Mary [sic], but I thought since it was my sperm I get to choose."

The Lost commentaries: heh. "The Moth": "So... did you guys beat Hufflepuff, or...?" And I like how, in "Hearts and Minds" (don't worry, no spoilers), the writer-producers are all like, "And we thought it would be such a big, surprising twist" and the actors were like, "...Yeah. We totally saw it coming. We always thought it would happen."

anatsuno pointed out that Spreadshirt might actually be better for overseas buyers, particularly in terms of shipping, so I'll give that a go as well. I don't want it to turn out that we have "American versions" and "European versions," but with the different printing styles and fabrics available, it may end up that way. I have a feeling that it'll go easier if I let go of the idea of having exactly the same shirts in both stores, and just take advantage of the different things available.

Oh, by the way: exactly one month until the book comes out in Britain. I don't know about anything else, but when I know, I'll tell you. A fellow writer also suggested that I computer-print my bookplates rather than have someone else print them, so I'll probably set up a simple design and get some square-ish labels in bulk to print on. Even on draft quality the ink might end up costing a bit, but it's still less than y'all shipping books to me and me shipping them back.

(Yes, there will be a Lost recap tomorrow. Even if I'm not caught up with season one by then.)

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