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Lost links and addenda

A few things:

Lost hints/spoilers from TV Guide.

Deleted scene that ran on Good Morning America yesterday.

Huge ratings for the season premiere.

Shannon's awesome hair. (Awww!)

Captain Hero Doctor Fugwig. (I have to say, the hairstyle itself isn't all that bad--the bad part is that it's so patently a wig.) Also a shot of Crazy Hatch!Desmond on that page, for those of you unable to view who were wondering what he looked like. Lost Media is running late on their screen caps due to Hurricane Rita, it sounded like, but they should have theirs up soon. I'd do some icons once they put some caps up, but... eh, the recap was more talky than funny.

Speaking of Desmond, I think we have decided that he is Scirish.

By the way, I totally forgot to mention a nice little touch near the end of the episode: Kate starts counting to five as Locke lowers her down the hatch, the way Jack taught her to in the pilot.

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