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Eeeeee! My Carnaval Noir order came in! As a treat back in--July?--I ordered the whole set with the intent to sell whatever I didn't like, and that way I'd at least get to smell each one. And of course, more freebies that way. So it just came in, right before the pizza arrived! And just from bottle sniffs, most of the CN blends smell a lot more pleasant than I was expecting (but who knows). I also had a bottle of Dorian (mmmdorian) come in, plus a bottle of Oneiroi to help with my weird nightmare problem. (Although last night I dreamed that... well, these exact oils arrived. Except they were in those octagonal candle jars. And only four of them. And a weird shapeless package wrapped in opaque brown plastic labeled "Sexual Power Secrets." And then the phone rang and woke me up. Bizaaaaaarre.)

But I feel like the freebies (or frimps) are the best part of any BPAL order, if only because of the element of surprise. And I ended up with some awesome ones: Wolf's Heart and Dana O'Shee, which I like, so those are basically refills; Zombi, Persephone, and Belle au Bois Dormant, which I'm sort of pleasantly meh about, so these are basically doubles I can trade away, I guess; Blood Lotus and Megaera, which were high on my list to try, so that's just exciting; Severin, Magus, Loup Garou, Delphi, Inferno, Desire, and Port au Prince, which I had despaired of ever getting around to trying, so that's exciting; and Euphrosyne, Vixen, Nyx, Jolly Roger, and Ulalume, which I probably would have never bought for myself, so now I get to try them anyway. Whee!

And now my entire room smells like 50 different kinds of perfume from opening all of them.

Yay! The missing pimp link from ambiguousreason: "Oh, the music community pimpage was me! It's already____gone and it's really very simple: I post music recommendations and people can download whatever they want. If you don't like what I post, I have a playlist and you can request stuff."

And a link from particle_person: A guy who takes old-fashioned portraits and makes them... change. Do not click if you have issues with clowns.

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