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General angst

You know, I had forgotten what an awesome song "Legend of a Cowgirl" is. Speaking of which, I keep hearing this song on my sister's radio that I am assuming is called "Number One With a Bullet" is apparently called "Sugar We're Goin' Down" (heh) and I cannot get it out of my head. Can anyone help a sister out with a download? Yay!

My mother may or may not be going back to work tomorrow. My sister has class; I don't. I'm hoping I can take advantage of all this and get The Latest Lost Recap Evah done.

High Court Nominee Has Never Been a Judge. *headdesk*

My soul craves one of these. Okay, maybe three of these. But dude! Put in a couple of dogtrots and you've got, like, a tiny mansion!

Print up your own rejection-letter toilet paper. I foresee myself adapting it slightly to make bad-review TP, because--wait, ninety dollars? Yeah... I just won't read the bad reviews if it comes to that, thanks.

(Can I just say that I am intensely anxious about the initial wave of feedback for the book? Because--and this is a relatively new technological development for writers, remember--we're on TEH INTARWEBS, and it'll be instantaneous. It's not gonna be people being like, "Eh, if I weren't so comfortable right now, I'd get up and write that woman a strongly-worded letter." It's gonna be people saying whatever comes immediately to mind, with the immediate immediacy of immediateness only the internet can provide: It wasn't as good as I was hoping, it was better than I expected, that Cleolinda person is so overrated, I am so sick of hearing about her, why didn't you do this movie instead of that one, you called Hermione a whore!*, you forgot this scene in the middle, that's not right, it actually goes this way, he didn't say that line, she did, I liked it but my best friend didn't, fag!**, loser!, you must be ugly to have this much time on your hands, will there be a sequel?

And if you think I'm kidding? These are all comments I have actually received [or "overheard," so to speak] myself. Only I saw them over the course of year, not all together in a tidal wave.


Eh. It's just part of being a writer these days, I suppose. I'll live.)

* Did not actually call Hermione a whore.
** "Why yes, I do like men! And how!"

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