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Just checking in

Good Lord, where has the day gone? Also, Mom taped over Lost. Looks like I'm going to be making up passive-aggressive homoerotic dialogue, you guys.



This one was so strange, we had to run it near the top. Faithful reader Hector Lima pointed out this tidbit over at Contact Music, so strange we can only quote it: "Eccentric film-maker David Cronenberg shocked his cast and crew on the set of new movie 'A History Of Violence,' by publicly performing sex scenes with his wife. The director hoped his explicit displays of affection with his wife would help stars Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello, who play man and wife in the film, feel more comfortable during their sex scenes together. But, instead, the Cronenbergs just left everyone on the set stunned ... Mortensen says, 'There's a couple of fairly racy sex scenes in the movie ... between Maria Bello and myself. David, trying to be helpful, as usual, thought it might be a good idea to call up his wife and have her come down to the set. The crew and Maria and I just sat and watched while he and his wife got into something comfortable -- nothing -- and they started to say, 'We want you to (do this).' Maria and I were both going, 'OK, we get it.' This is a testament to their relationship, they kept going and they kept going and then we broke for lunch and some time in the evening Maria and I got to have a crack at it. Instead of putting us at ease, we actually were kind of freaked out... Maybe some things ought to stay private.'"


The official site has launched, without much going on as of yet, but at least the latest video blog shows one Jimmy Olsen handing the figurative torch (or bowtie, in this case) to another.

In possibly related news, proving once again that truth will remain in the lead over fiction in the "strangeness" race with a lead so unsumountable as to be embarrassing, former proposed Superman actor Nicolas Cage and his wife Alice Kim welcomes a baby boy into the world, who they promptly named Kal-El Coppola Cage. No, really. Babies born around the same time are already signing up for a lottery to be the first to kick the Cage baby's butt.
Ralph Fiennes on Voldemort and his costar: "Dan's very good," he said, "working with him was wonderful. Poor guy, he had to be so patient. I had to do all this waffling and talking about how I'm the Master of the Universe and how I'm evil and I'm going to kill him and he has to stand there all tied up, writhing around and groaning with pain while I'm monologuing towards him. The Evil-Genius monologue bit - no film is complete without it! I just love playing evil characters!"

(Monologuing. Is that anything like voguing?)

Oh, and elyim reports that has dropped the price on the book to £4.79 from £6.39--you may want to cancel and repreorder. No, I have no idea what's going on with the American distribution. Still looking into it.

Also: Have you thought of something to write for NaNoWriMo?

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