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I don't know what kind of astrological twist the universe is in, but I seem to be dealing with a rash of asshattery lately. Random rudeness, basically. And that's all I'm going to be saying about that.

Working on Lost recap. Have class today; may not have it up by tonight, but that one will go up before the next one does. More pressingly, I can't find my cell phone.

Nick and Jessica split up; long national nightmare over.

Play elementary school classic Oregon Trail!

sapphires13: "Also, if you feel like pimping something, sliceofmusic is a new music sharing community that works on a rather nifty credits system. Going along with the slice theme, you get 1 lime slice per song you upload, and 1 lemon slice per full album you upload. You can use those credits to request songs/albums from people. But you can download anything uploaded on it's own/or for someone else, free of credit. alexthedevil made me ask you to pimp that. I had to because I'm scared of her. She has red hair and she's the devil ;_; " Well, hence the name.

elbales: Teacher Banned After Ripping Out Boy's Insulin Pump; School Officials: Teacher Thought Pump Was Cell Phone.

Also: I think I may adapt NaNoWriMo to suit my needs and make it NaNoFiMo (not to be confused with really small craft clay) and try to finish some Black Ribbon. I like the general spirit of forcing yourself to write something, anything, and I think it could be pretty useful in getting people to finish things if they'd rather work on something they have than start on something new. But I also salute people who start and finish something new just for NaNoWriMo, so if you'd like to do what I'm doing and specify that it's NaNoFiMo, knock yourself out.

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