Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

An entry entirely about GoPets

Just because I figured y'all might be interested to see what the hell this thing looks like. For those of you not familiar with the site, the purple, Occupation: Girl-colored cat is mine, Cookie. The other cats and dogs are people's on my friends list who just came to visit. Like, spontaneously. Of their own free will.

When the GoPets talk to each other, and they agree, they end up swaying and seemingly snapping their "fingers." I have no idea.


After a quick game of rock-paper-scissors, they chased each other all over the screen.


When they disagree, the conversation grinds to a halt. This is apparently GoPetsian for STFU.

I have no idea what this conversation is about.

Cookie magically spins off her clothes and takes a bath.

Drinking milk (her hydration was low, and a speech bubble/"iku" popped up informing me that she was dying of thirst in a desert).



I have no idea where this dude got his skateboard.

Bathing the old-fashioned way.

Video games.

Hunting the mighty tennis ball.

I have no idea where Samurai Cat came from.

Rocking the fuck out.


More rocking, while I pet the little black dog in the corner. My cursor wasn't captured, somehow.

More reactions to petting, because they're hilarious.

I think these two guys are planning a D&D playdate.

I swear to you, this little dude showed up dressed in Indian gear from the costume shop and did raindances every thirty seconds.

Cookie's bitch face.

Cookie learns to RAWK.

Affiliate/joining link for great yay.

By the way, you guys who play--roughly how many shells do you have, and how did you get them? I'm trying to figure out if having 20 gold shells and however many green shells I can earn playing with pets is normal, or if there are activities I'm just not seeing.

ETA: Since people are asking: My icon is from unpublished John Howe bookcovers for The Amber Spyglass. I think it's mislabeled on my icons page as Alan Lee's work.

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