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I'm cross-posting this from Short Attention Span Theater, because the Oscar pool needs you guys. Now all I have to do is puzzle out the damn Globe predictions. God, I am tired.



This is less about the Oscar pool than the lead up to it--the Golden Globes are this weekend, and if anyone would like to try his/her hand at predictions, you can get full nominations here. It would probably be most efficient to post them on your own blog/site/journal and let me link to them in the Oscar section (which I'm refurbishing tonight). If you don't have anywhere to post yours, let me know, and we'll find a place for them. Leave a comment on this entry if you're interested.

Now, here's a harder task: the Oscar nominations are coming out Tuesday morning. I'm going to try to predict them, because I'm crazy like that. My suggestion, if you want to try, is to go to (link in the entry title above) and look over who's been getting awards/noms from the Producers Guild, Writers Guild, Screen Actors Guild, Globes, critics' circles, etc. The names that you see coming up again and again? That's what you look at.

As soon as Yahoo puts the Oscar pool system up again for this year, we'll get cracking. Good luck!

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