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News from the home front

It was weird--last night felt a little like a birthday. (And I forgot to put up a Lost entry, didn't I? Well, no one really seemed to miss it--it wasn't really a very discussion-sparking episode, the Otherlegs aside.) I was extremely proud of myself for 1) getting off my ass and actually making the gingerbread, 2) actually producing edible gingerbread, and 3) mmmgingerbread. It's fabulous with whipped cream, the Lovely Emily and I discovered. So after I got out of class (to which I took the gingerbread, in honor of The House of the Seven Gables a couple weeks back), Em and I went to Panera for dinner and she brought over a lovely boozetastic concoction of her mother's design called... The Mixture. And then after Lost I finished up the Star Wars icons for m15m and was very, very thirsty.

(Important: news about North American distribution and pictures of the book on actual shelves are over at the comm.)

Sadly, I think I am in the early stages of addiction to Law & Order: Criminal Intent, because usually I only watch it before Lost when the Lovely Emily comes over, but now I'm starting to seek it out on my own. And I tuned in an hour early by accident and ended up watching a Special Victims Unit (God, are these all Law & Order? I can't even keep up with them) where Martin Short was a freaky, freaky "psychic." AIEEEE.

And then a carnelian ring (yes, from That Place) came in the mail today, so that was nice.

Odd spam I got today: Are you cerazy? [Cerazy for ceramics, maybe?]

hi. how are you? plz tell me and anwser to me. oky? I wait for you. babay

And I completely missed that rachelmanija's book, All the Fishes Come Home to Roost, came out while I was faffing around in my own book angst. (Oh, wow, EW gave it an A? That's awesome.)

As for GoPets... I broke down and created a dog, too. Biscuit is his name-o. (Cookie and Biscuit. Y'all are lucky I didn't name the poor dog Cake.) I'm doing pretty well with the earning of green shells--mostly by petting all the animals that come by, and by setting out dozens of dishes of water and food. Coffee helps--and so-so with the pink shells. I am doing absolutely shit on the earning of gold shells (despite the eating of fortune cookies and gold-shell foods), which makes me sad, because I would like to buy something for Biscuit to wear. I actually took off some of Cookie's bling so he wouldn't feel quite so naked next to her. (Aaaaaand the overidentification with pixels begins.)

Also, I can't get either one to play the arcade game. Cookie plays it once in a rare while, but she's terrible at it (I'm guessing, judging by the way she hangs her head and shakes her fists afterwards). And it's a bitch to get them to take baths, no matter how often I shove them towards the tub. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Biscuit has been to Nakornrachaseema and Cookie has been to Oranjestad. I don't even know where those are.

Back over at Kingdom of Loathing, I am playing for the first time as a Seal Clubber, and the Sorceress is kicking my ass. Like, worse than she did when I was a level-19 Disco Bandit.

Crap, now I'm all thirsty again. Be right back.

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