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Well, here's the outcome of the Great Plea for Help Finding Affiliates: I'm in talks with cellardoor28's Matt Damon lead ("in talks." Sounds so very Hollywood, doesn't it?); alysscarlet's Clive Owen lead is a fait accompli already on the news page; and Gunther, who is my new hero, sent me a metric ton(ne) of link suggestions, and of those I've already locked down the David Thewlis site and the Kirsten Dunst site. Charlize and Viggo we are waiting to hear from. Well, not them personally, although that would also be nice. You know what I mean. I'm still emailing the rest.

Here's how brainshot I am: poor Gunther keeps emailing me, and I keep contradicting him, and then it turns out I'm wrong anyway. "Thanks, but I already have a Reese affiliate. Oh... that's the one I said was down? Oh. Well... then... I'll go write the Reese site now."

And writing affiliates always makes me nervous, because I'm afraid I'm going to screw up and mix up names, since I tend to do a batch of several at once. I'm not saying I have a "form letter," precisely, but I find that if I don't stick to a general script, I natter on trying to explain the affiliate-news-page-thing like an idiot. It's gotten to the point where I'm too paranoid to C&P anymore--I have to manually type it all out every time, just so I don't mention what a great affiliate Charlize Online would be, since Clive Owen has so many upcoming projects. o_O

Oh, and Gunther and I are still completely stumped as to a Halle Berry affiliate. I can't believe no one's got anything out there on the woman--I did write a British site way back last year, but they never answered. She does have an official site--Hallewood, I think--but I'm always afraid that official sites won't want it to look like they're endorsing things said on an unofficial website. I've wanted to snag for a long time now, but there's the same problem. Of course, it's hard to write to a webmaster and say, "I promise this is just an 'If You Would Like More Information' referral link and not an endorsement of the Digest," when what I would really be tempted to do is put up a banner that says, "The Daily Digest: If It's Good Enough for Sir Ian, It's Good Enough for You."
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