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Sleepy *again*?

So we've bought pumpkins, and I've finished The Lamplighter, my mom knocked the crap out of her hand, I got mauled by the cat, and I'm going to take a post-lunch nap before I get to work on another project.

Quite simply, one of the funniest Harry Potter icons I have seen out there.

For the Biblical win!

Prosecutor Subpoenas Director.

Caped Teen Kills Two, Then Self in Calif.

Beta Becomes 13th Hurricane of Season.

When does a fad go bad?

shoiryu mentions a friend who "does Lost fanart, among other things, so it might be of interest to a bunch of people in your direction. This is the link."

chasmofmyself: Lorrie Moore's How to Become a Writer, or Have You Earned That Cliché? It's very good, and seems to have struck a deep chord with a lot of people, but my experience as a writer has been very different--not better or easier, just different. I'll have to tell you about it some time, but it involves all those teachers I thanked in the acknowledgements of the book and--if I'm very honest about it--Louisa May Alcott.

Voldemort reborn or a Death Eater mask? Good Lord almighty.

(I'm not saying I'm an obsessive enough fan that I could recognize Ralph Fiennes by nothing but his eyes, but... I wouldn't be surprised if that were really the Voldemort makeup.)

Exhibit A in the case of Why Did You Decide to Use a Pen Name?: Please stop stalking the Toothpaste for Dinner guy.

corkdorkdan found a nifty meme. The first one is this journal; the second is the m15m journal. Warning: if you have a paid account, and thus two available URLs, put in the one--I put in and came up with $0.00.

My blog is worth $41,211.42.
How much is your blog worth?


My blog is worth $129,279.66.
How much is your blog worth?

Only one more day to get your triple-clicking in for the Breast Cancer Site!

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