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I said this on a JournalFen thread, but I think it needs to be repeated for all and sundry to hear and think about, because GOD am I tired of reading wonky typing.

The original comment was in reference to people who insist that "you are what you write," i.e., if you write perverted porn, you are a pervert--never mind that the role of fantasy for most people is to imagine doing things they would never do. My reply takes a different tack:

Why do people still insist on "you are what you write"?

Okay, here's what drives me nuts: they mean this in a figurative way, but the same people never think about it in a literal way. On the internet, on text-based media like chat rooms and message boards, the way you write/type/spell reflects your personality to people the way your physical appearance does in real life. And yet people will argue to the death that it's perfectly fine and intelligent to type like the schizophrenic love child of e.e. cummings and a crack whore (or, if you like, "dA sChIzOpHr3nIc lOv3 ChIld oF 33!111!!!! oMg CUMNGS aNd A CrAK WhORA1!!1!1!1 oMg wTf").

Thank you, that is all.
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