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The autumn of our discontent

My Launchcast station is on fire this morning--within 40 minutes it's played "More Than This," "Angel Eyes," and "Kiss Them for Me." Ooo! And here's the Killers. Awesome.

Other than my radio's taste in music, things have been pretty crappy around here. I mean, not in an angsty way, it's just--it's been the kind of week where I dropped a bowl full of leftovers, broke it, and then had to mop Mexican off 46% of the kitchen. Sister Girl, who is obsessive about seat belts and stop signs, managed to get a ticket the one day she didn't buckle up, because she was so upset about some boy, etc., etc. (fortunately, the ticket's only $10, but she's worried that she's getting close to having her license taken away because of many minor tickets). And then, of course, the Sonic Incident on Sunday.

(We did watch Batman Begins, though, and Mom seemed to be cheered up--she even pronounced it "the best Batman movie they've made, I guess." I had already seen it--opening week this past summer, actually. Now we're trying to watch the Episode III DVD half an hour at a time, every day when she comes home for lunch. And... she's not liking it so much. She spent the first installment asking, "What's this? Who are these people? Why is he shooting at his friend? Who are they rescuing? Which one is that? Well why is he just sitting there? Why is there noise in space? Why did he give R2D2 a cell phone? Why can't R2D2 just turn the cell phone off? Where did he get rocket boosters from? Why is Christopher Lee in this movie? Christopher Lee is still alive? Why didn't that kill Obi-Wan? Why is that robot coughing? Why are they still fighting? WHY DOES THIS NOT END?"

And this was before the ship's windows were broken and the entire cast was not killed instantly by the suffocating vortex of space.)

(Eeeeee, "November Rain"!)

Sister Girl is also at the doctor's today and I'm sure it's going to turn out badly and she'll be cranky when she gets home, because that's just the kind of week it's been. Meanwhile, I have got to get myself to the doctor, because the polycystic ovarian blahblahblah is getting ridiculous--I have short bursts of energy and then I have to lie down for a while. (There are other things that make the energy-sapping nature of the disorder clearer that I will not get into.) We're on the last book of the semester before we hit term paper time--Melville's Pierre, and I don't know how I'm going to get through this one. Dragfully, I guess. I've almost entirely despaired of ever catching up on Lost recaps, but I'll do it somehow.


sigma7: "File under mildly hilarious -- since Slashdot found out that Blizzard's "Warden" World of Warcraft anti-cheat tool snoops on the user's computer looking for cheats/hacks, someone went for the best of both worlds and thwarted Warden using the Sony rootkit. Fun, but a little high on the geek factor, even for me. Oh, and apparently the rootkit phones home, too. And a school shooting in Tennessee. Been a while, hasn't it?"

Speaking of which: Motive Sought in Tenn. School Shooting.

Black t-shirts are in beta testing at CafePress. That's right: the day for white-on-black polar bear shirts has come.

PS2 Class Action Lawsuit.

Sony sued over rootkits; Italy kicks it off.

Pilfered parrot used to stuff bra, cops say.

U.S. Papers Pick Up Japanese-Style Comics.

Improper Desperate Housewives Conduct Exposed?

Whoa! I didn't even know Lindsay Lohan knew Jared Leto!

Omg waaaaant.

LJ user icons. Heh. "Wicked" and "Zaphod Beeblebrox" are pretty good, as well as the Nightcrawler Bamfs. Another classic set. Clearly I have to be </a></b></a>cleolinda.

An update on the bad review from Amilyn:

I get Total Film and I've found in the past its book reviews to be so inept that I don't even glance at them anymore. If the book's not about Star Wars or LOTR, they never give it over three stars. You got two stars anyway. The piece on your book is brief and quite mean. It begins with "You know the Abridged Scripts that Total Film run?", which basically tells you the entire review consists of 'we've done this first, and better, so keep buying our magazine, oh dear God, please, everyone reads Empire instead, and we have children to feed!'.

It says the book's unoriginal and too long - "only 10 films are spoofed in a whopping 400 pages" - and that "the only thing you probably haven't come across before is the author's first name", which...what? Especially since the reviewer's first name is Ceri (Ser-ee? Kerr-ee? Pot?). That's really great intellectual journalism there, that is.
Wow. I had imagined it being... a lot less childish than that, somehow. I totally give them the "too long" point, though; that's always been a problem of mine regarding parodies, and it's come up before.

(And if they really have come across lightsaber recitals, vengeful dolphins, Cool Rider Galadriel and Shakespearean thugs before, you know, more power to them.)

It's that kind of week, you guys.

ETA: I'm wondering if someone can help me find a song. I have Sheryl Crow's "A Change Would Do You Good," no problem--but for years I've been trying to track down a live version she did on VH1. She's done it live many times, so I suspect that any live version would do. Help?

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