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Miscellaneous notes

Tickets for midnight Harry Potter are bought, whee! I'm hoping it'll be cold enough to geek out in my Ravenclaw scarf, because I am just. that. lame.

BPAL people, make sure you check out the new updates. And hide your wallets. (Hints: Muses, Three Witches, "Come and See," possibly Hades; I'm not sure.)

Derailed: I enjoyed it, if only for Teh Clive. It was also better written than your average thriller, but I suspect that's because it was based on a book. That doesn't mean it necessarily made sense, but the character relationships were fleshed out relatively well--better than in your basic twists-for-twists'-sake screenplay. I was able to guess the major plot twist about two weeks in advance, if only because... well, telling you how I knew would be giving it away. Let's just say that there's a really disturbing scene in the movie that I could not believe they would show if there wasn't something else behind it. Also, I... kinda screamed at one point. Shut up. I'm not proud.

Still slogging through Melville. Sigh.

Katrina death toll rises as evacuees return to homes.

rebel_waltz: "do you think you could make a link in your next link post to it's a whole campaign put together to try and save Arrested Development. i'd really, really appreciate it, this show is too good."

The Vin Diesel Random Fact Generator. It's been around a while, but I was reminded of it the other day, and really, everyone should know the joy of randomly generated Vin Diesel facts. ("Vin Diesel won control of the Universe after defeating God in a ladder match. He gave God control back after a week, but only out of pity... only out of pity.") Also: The Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator.

("Vin Diesel once killed a man by flexing his biceps in his general direction.")

Holy shit. If you work at any kind of restaurant, but particularly a fast-food restaurant, you need to read this. And possibly print it out and carry it with you.  I got to "But she said Nix told her he would hit her if she didn't sodomize him, so she did" and my brain broke. See? It's on the floor in little pieces. They seem to have caught the caller guy, but... just read it. For future reference regarding your rights, if nothing else.

duncanatrix: "Here's something interesting. It's this awesome little flash thing called Epic 2015 that talks about how the whole world is going to go online--newspapers, shopping, entertainment, everything. The link is here:"

("Vin Diesel thinks in italics.")

On the heels of the link to that doll the other day: Memoirs of a Geisha: the hot merchandising property this fall.

A 'Lost' Ship With Leaks: The shocking spoiler that... wasn't shocking at all, because everyone found out about it ahead of time.

sigma7: "ObSony-link: Boing Boing's timeline of the entire debacle." Also: "Like you need more links to pimp, I know, but sadly the Sony story continues: apparently their rootkit uninstaller creates a security hole described as 'as grave as a security vulnerability can be.' Boing Boing article."

("When Vin Diesel shows up to class, 500 points go to Gryffindor.")

Brilliant spam of the day: "Sir/Madam, Your specific position has been evaluated to the important peoples, and upon cautious contemplation, we are able to extend to you the ensuing opening offer."

Brooke Burns Hospitalized. I'm not sure why I would care or who she is, but there you go.

First-Class Stamps to Go Up 2 Cents. Fuckers.

(I know, I know. There are probably very good reasons to raise the price of postage blah blah blah. All I know is, it renders my stamps useless, unless I want to go buy 2-cent stamps, and no one wants to do that, or double up the ones I've got. Fnarrr.)

("Coq au Vin used to be the French name for chicken stew. Ever since Vin Diesel's movies premiered in France, it has taken on a very different meaning, but the French people love it more than ever.")

From ethrosdemon: Help out with a documentary about fandom: "Would you be willing to be in it? Do you plan to attend any conventions in the next year where I could talk to you? Would you be willing to have your fic/fanart/meta/face in the film? Do you have any suggestions of what would be interesting/necessary topics in a documentary about on-line fandom? Do you want to offer a fannish subject (such as tin-hats, wingfic, metaing about gender, or so on) that you think is a very fundamental (or unique) on-line fandom pursuit? Would you help me by linking this in your own journal so I can get some traffic in here from fandoms I’m not in (manga, anime, obscure fandoms especially)?" (Note: I think there was some confusion initially. This is not my documentary. I'm no more involved than anyone else who participates in the documentary comm.)

("In 1993 Vin Diesel went on Double Dare. He lost, and in anger gave Marc Summers OCD.")

Paris Hilton Not Killed in Car Crash; Nation Mourns.

"Burn in hell, Mr. President."

Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club. Please notice that the artist is very interested in more $5 subscriptions (scroll down).

("Vin Diesel tortured everyone at the Geneva Convention until they signed the agreement.")

And finally, if you feel helpful and/or dramatic:

captain_lice: "Sorry about this OTness but do you know (or anyone else who reads this comment, for that matter) know of any funny monologues that are no longer than a minute or could be cut down to a minute? I have a Speaking Contest audition soon and I can't decide on one piece!"

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