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Six hours and counting!

Hmm. When you first put Blood Moon on, it kind of smells like... elbow macaroni. Huh. I wore it a little this morning, though, so I know it turns into a very light cinnamon cola as it dries down. But still, it's doing it again: elbow macaroni.


I'm starting to doubt that I'll run into anyone anyway (but I did at the Half-Blood Prince midnight thing, after all), but if you are at the Vestavia Rave, I'll be wearing a black sweater coat (with Death Eater hood), a blue/grey Ravenclaw scarf, my awesome b/w Skechers, a blue leaf pendant, and Hermione hair. Sadly, the Hermione hair comes standard, and is not a special-occasion thing.

From particle_person: This guy will fix your computer for sex. I'm a little grossed out that people are actually taking him up on this, for some reason.

Martha has been fired.

Metaquotation plagiarism! OF THE CHUCK NORRIS GENERATOR. Have you people no shame!

Historian Charged With Denying Holocaust.

tygerlander: "I know you don't frequent the gopets boards. [Eh, I would if I had more time. Did get some extremely helpful hints from them, though.] Thought you might want to read this thread and pass it on to the other suckers... uh I mean, people you referred to gopets. Speaking as one of said suck... referred peoples, lol." Who also gave Biscuit a most excellent sweater (thank you so much!). The gist of the post is, it's about a raffle where, if you win, you get $2500 and the person who referred you gets $2500. You can see why this would be of interest to us.

Police Search for Gary Glitter in Vietnam.

Kimberly Stewart to marry "Laguna Beach" "star."

A list of slang on the internets!

zhai: "Anthology you might be interested in, if you haven't heard about it yet." It's a call for submissions for She's Such a Geek: An Anthology by and for Women Obsessed with Computers, Science, Comic Books, Gaming, Spaceships, and Revolution. I don't know if I count, because I don't math or science, but I'm hoping I might. But I know a lot of y'all are, so please think about trying to write something up to submit.

Important notes: I am not actually affiliated with this book. I cannot speak for the editors or answer questions. The guy who originally posted this isn't either. Only women may submit.

Slated for Fall 2006

Geeks are taking over the world. They make the most popular movies and games, pioneer new ways to communicate using technology, and create new ideas that will change the future. But the stereotype is that only men can be geeks. So when are we going to hear from the triumphant female nerds whose stories of outer space battles will inspire generations, and whose inventions will change the future? Right now.

Female geeks are busting out of the labs and into the spotlight. They have the skills and knowledge that can inspire social progress, scientific breakthroughs, and change the world for the better, and they’re making their voices heard, some for the first time, in Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders’ book She’s Such a Geek. This anthology will celebrate women who have flourished in the male-dominated realms of technical and cultural arcana. We’re looking for a wide range of personal essays about the meaning of female nerdhood by women who are in love with genomics, obsessed with blogging, learned about sex from Dungeons and Dragons, and aren’t afraid to match wits with men or computers. The essays in She’s Such a Geek will explain what it means to be passionately engaged with technical or obscure topics—and how to deal with it when people tell you that your interests are weird, especially for a girl. This book aims to bust stereotypes of what it means to be a geek, as well as what it means to be female.

More than anything, She’s Such a Geek is a celebration and call to arms: it’s a hopeful book which looks forward to a day when women will pilot spaceships, invent molecular motors, design the next ultra-tiny supercomputer, write epics, and run the government.

We want introspective essays that explain what being a geek has meant to you. Describe how you’ve fought stereotypes to be accepted among nerds. Explore why you are obsessed with topics and ideas that are supposed to be “for boys only.” Tell us how you felt the day you realized that you would be devoting the rest of your life to discovering algorithms or collecting comic books. We want strong, personal writing that is also smart and critical. We don’t mind if you use the word “fuck,” and we don’t mind if you use the word “telomerase.” Be celebratory, polemical, wistful, angry, and just plain dorky.

See the link for possible topics to write about.

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