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An entry solely about Goblet of Fire, and the adventures thereat


I have observed a lot of people's reactions to the recent movies, mostly because people are still replying to a review I wrote a year and a half ago to tell me how much they hated Prisoner of Azkaban. It seems to me that you can somewhat group fans into two camps: fans who prefer the Christmas-colored, painfully faithful Columbus movies, and fans who prefer the looser, more naturalistic Cuarón and Newell movies. I am in the latter camp; I think Cuarón and Newell have made movies that work as movies, and they are quicker on their feet, easier for non-book fans to watch, and better acted (although this is coincidence; the kids were bound to get better as they got older). Don't get me wrong: I still like the first two movies, and "Christmas-colored" is a compliment. And yes, the last two movies have regrettably dropped some key plot points, and I can sit around complaining that some of those issues could have been fixed with a skillful line insertion here or there, but I like the general mood and spirit enough to overlook that.

Wow, that got kind of serious, didn't it? All that, just to preface OMGCEDRICSQUEE! Man. *shakes head*

Anyhoo, Radcakes was awesome. In fact, I think he was a little too awesome, because he and Emma Watson had so much chemistry that I don't even know how they're going to pull the Ron-Hermione thing off at this point, and I'm starting to see why the hardcore H/Hr fans are so delusional crazed. Fleur grew on me, despite everyone complaining that she's not the raving beauty a part-veela's supposed to be. Krum's okay, but he needs more forehead. I'm not sure what was up with Dumbledore being so, ah, emotive, but that was kind of unusual. Moody was exactly the way I had imagined him (I seem to be the only one in that camp, though). Oh, and there wasn't enough Snape (there never is), but Snape pulling up his sleeves to go after Ron and Harry pwned. And the twins were integrated really well--I guess Ron's old enough now that they don't mind hanging out with him, so we got lots of twins hilarity, but it didn't seem shoehorned in. Also, I seem to be one of the few people who doesn't have a problem with Girl Power Hermione from POA, but I will admit that it lessens the impact of the Yule Ball to have her... not really look any different from normal. If they'd kept the Hermione Hair from the first movie on her all this time, that would have made her appearance at the ball shocking.

I really like what they did with Cho, though--although it did seem to me that Movie!Cho was way less invested in Cedric, who she may or may not have even known very well before the Yule Ball, and actually seemed to be aware of Harry's existence. I'm wondering if that'll facilitate the relationship they have in the next movie--it won't seem so odd, in the boiled-down movie world, that Cho could move on so quickly.

And then there was the end of the movie. For some reason, I wasn't prepared to see Ralphdemort look so... mostly Ralphish. In fact, once you get past the snake non-nose and the weird flowy robe that made him look like he'd just busted out of a hospital, I daresay he was kind of... Hotdemort. Shut up.

As for the last-last part of the movie, I admit that I'm not too hot about Dumbledore's eulogy, but if you didn't cry (or want to) over Harry fighting him for Cedric's body (or Amos keening over it, for that matter), I just... don't know.

But regarding Harry Potter, people's blood seems to run high. I won't be around today to argue anything (it's the Iron Bowl, sigh, and family is coming over), in part because I don't feel like I should have to: I enjoy what I enjoy and you can enjoy what you enjoy. You free to discuss the movies with anyone in the comments, and disagree with anyone or anything you want. However, if things turn nasty? GALADRIEL SMASH.

P.S. I totally forgot to mention that actually hearing Madame Maxime say "Dumblydorr" made my life for some reason, and the one great thing about our audience was the way it would gasp appreciatively when, say, Cedric first appeared, or Hermione showed up at the ball.

My screening was mostly college students--maybe some older high school kids as well--and we got there early enough that we ended up spending more than an hour with them in the theater. I mean, on one hand, we were seated immediately, so we didn't have to dick around in the freezing cold, which was nice. On the other hand, the Knitting Emily and I were surrounded by drama students from our alma mater, and the fact that I know this should tell you how loud they were. Hey, guess what? The girl who turned around and leaned over her seat to talk to the others for a solid hour, and then announced, "Ha, I'm the girl who leans over her seat that everyone hates!" WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Maybe this is a shock to you, gang, but I don't care that you promoted Chicken Little in a big yellow chicken suit in Chattanooga, or that you can't pronounce "Ralph Fiennes" correctly, or that you're convinced Dumbledore is alive and Snape is a vampire. SIMMAH DOWN.

(Yes, I realized that we're now decrepit old ladies of 27 now, completely out of touch with The Kids Today.)

The sad part is that we didn't even contemplate crochetcular homicide for this group. No, we decided to save the Knitting Needles of Pain for the girls who kept taking blinding flash digital pictures of each other two rows in front of us for a solid half hour. Guess which direction they took the pictures in? That's right, towards the seats. ASSHOLES.

P.S. I've already had a few questions about a Fifteen Minutes for this one. GOF/15M will not be posted online. Make of that what you will...

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